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The Last Fight: Final Ep

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Author Comments

Wow, it has been a long time scince I last submited a flash movie here! :)
This work was a major project for me, and it was trully hard to produce, but I enjoyed every second of this aswell. I pushed the animation quality to the max ( at least the best I could) in comparison with my old works, and I guess the result is pretty good ( you tell me guys! :) ). This final episode was supposed to be released by december of the last year, but university and work delayed me as hell. Now that I found some free time I finally was able to finish it! :)
The story speaks by itself, I dont think it needs aditional explanation. I thought the hole movie 75% action & 25% feelings, wich was a verry important part, if not the whole thing would have been pure massacre :P

I also leave you the link to the song I used, wich is from (Xenogenocide), "wake p to Reality":
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/318499

Awesome song! :)

So thats it,

Thanks for watching & hope you enjoy this movie as much as i enjoyed making it!

Edit: wow, daily 3rd place, frontpaged, and top 15 week ending!
Thats much more than I expected! :) Thank you all for your reviews and feedback I really appreciate them!.

I will try to clear out some things about this animation.
Facts: I made almost 300 frames for FBF movments and efects ( wind, run, jumps, sword fights), and many other action sequences between those.
You mays say it was short, and some scenes had some timing issues, and you will be correct. The facts are that I just put so much work on the animation itself, that I lost a little bit the "direction" of the movie in many aspects (timing, angles...etc.). Second when you are making the 300 frame you feel so exahusted and frustrated because its taking so much time....It took me whole 3 months to think, animate, and edit the hole thing, and by then I just wanted to publish and finish this work, wich I wasnt sure if it will succeed. So dont be so drastic with the final result of the movie,... Im not profesional...this would be my second "decent movie" after all....
Hope this clear out some of your questions.
Anyway, thank you all for watching again :)


It's ok I guess

Nothing too new or interesting

Riveting and Stylish

When I saw the first part of The Final Fight, for the most part I was impressed. The music fit the scene well and the overall art style was just awesome to look at. It was a good flash movie and despite the story being a little mysterious and vague at first, I really liked after I understood it.

The Last Fight: Final Ep, builds on to the achievements of the original and creates a piece that does not disappoint. The art style really draws you in and feels like a classic anime showdown. The music really makes the overall situation and scenes that much more dramatic and give the battle that overall feeling of finality that the previous film gave its viewers. Despite there not being any sound effects, to me that really didn't matter. The lack of sound added to the dramatics that much more and made the viewer feel as though the world is moving around them so fast that there's nothing really going on but the fight.

In itself, The Last Fight: Final Ep is a great piece made by Keepwalking. I can safely say that this movie will not disappoint. The presentation of the animation looks good and the overall atmosphere makes for an intense animated short.

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it was a good animation but it wasnt intense. the final guy seemed he was just too easy....should had it made it harder for him to fight him since he was the big tough last guy...so lost points for that...but good job tho

It has to be the final episode

or it wouldn't be the 'last' fight xD

I know you were just trying to run with the flow of the song at the beginning, but some parts just ran too long. Like the explosion for instance.

wow!!! not bad....

it is a nicely done work and excellent choice with the musical score it fit perfectly.

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Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2010
1:14 PM EDT