The Last Fight: Final Ep

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Wow, it has been a long time scince I last submited a flash movie here! :)
This work was a major project for me, and it was trully hard to produce, but I enjoyed every second of this aswell. I pushed the animation quality to the max ( at least the best I could) in comparison with my old works, and I guess the result is pretty good ( you tell me guys! :) ). This final episode was supposed to be released by december of the last year, but university and work delayed me as hell. Now that I found some free time I finally was able to finish it! :)
The story speaks by itself, I dont think it needs aditional explanation. I thought the hole movie 75% action & 25% feelings, wich was a verry important part, if not the whole thing would have been pure massacre :P

I also leave you the link to the song I used, wich is from (Xenogenocide), "wake p to Reality":
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/318499

Awesome song! :)

So thats it,

Thanks for watching & hope you enjoy this movie as much as i enjoyed making it!

Edit: wow, daily 3rd place, frontpaged, and top 15 week ending!
Thats much more than I expected! :) Thank you all for your reviews and feedback I really appreciate them!.

I will try to clear out some things about this animation.
Facts: I made almost 300 frames for FBF movments and efects ( wind, run, jumps, sword fights), and many other action sequences between those.
You mays say it was short, and some scenes had some timing issues, and you will be correct. The facts are that I just put so much work on the animation itself, that I lost a little bit the "direction" of the movie in many aspects (timing, angles...etc.). Second when you are making the 300 frame you feel so exahusted and frustrated because its taking so much time....It took me whole 3 months to think, animate, and edit the hole thing, and by then I just wanted to publish and finish this work, wich I wasnt sure if it will succeed. So dont be so drastic with the final result of the movie,... Im not profesional...this would be my second "decent movie" after all....
Hope this clear out some of your questions.
Anyway, thank you all for watching again :)


it was alright

i liked the music and the theme, but you lacked fluent animation, sure you had some when he was running a bit when he faced the boss, but a lot of it was just random cut scenes withe motion tweens either expanding or just moving to the side a bit. so next time you jsut gotta put some effort into some movement

not the best,but good

i agree with Helios Nova,the part where he's surrounded by all the villains,and all he there was only a explosion.Where he was fighting the boss,there was only one attack which was repeated,it would be nicer if they would run at each other,and take different angle slices at one another.Over all i thought it was good.The animation wasn't the best,but i can live with it.I would have loved to see the boss winning,then the brother having a flash back,then the brother draws up enough rage that he ends up killing the boss.

Petty Good

I thought the animation was pretty interesting. It had almost a comic book style to it. I'm not sure what the last poster meant by the running and fight scene being too long, the whole animation is about a fight, isn't that the point? There were obviously a lot of guys in the beginning. If you had cut down the time someone would have probably complained it was too short, lose-lose situation I guess. As far as being pissed off, last time I checked everyone doesn't have to turn into the hulk to be mad at something, but I digress. Overall petty good, the only thing I didn't like about this animation was the single hand swinging of the sword. Other than that good job and hope to see more.

Hm, yeah.

Well, even though the animation needs some work, it wasn't bad. However, you had so many unnecessary movements. Like when he ran towards the enemy. Can't point out where, however, but he runs forever. Which reminds me of monty pythons holy grail, where he attempts to run towards to the castle and he runs and runs, but takes forever to get there.

The attack scences is too drawn out. You don't need to see him move his sword through the body of the other in slow motion. Just show the sword on one side, then a blood effect off the enemy, then after that, a quick switch to the next attack sequence. Like he is mad with rage.

He doesn't look mad right now, he looks.. hell? neo-ish? I must kill you for great justice! Huzzah.

Doesn't work. Also, the fact that you made the story optional instead of blending it with the movie to give it more depth.. it was a bad move, which makes me lower your score even further. A retelling of the previous episode from the view of the brother could've helped.

Also, you could've spent more time to portray the anger of the brother as white eyes and dark colors doesn't make him look angry, not if that is all that you do. You could've made him breathe heavily, shown him grit his teeth.. clutch his fist.. then go berserk. Slizing up everything, making the blood fly around him and finally zoom out, showing a field filled with corpses with him standing in the middle breathing heavily.

I think that would've added to the effect of him being seriously pissed off.

Still, i may not have liked this one, but doesn't mean that i might not like your next one. Good luck with your future animations.

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Ok, I can see it

Although the animation was good, I think the reason you got such a "low" score for such a piece of work was the fact that there was so much potential that hadn't been used. For example, at the point where the brother gets surrounded by the villian's cronies, he sets off an explosive power which sends them all flying. Done with them, move to the boss. See, here's a point in which I'm thinking that there could have been a lot of attack variations.
1. Attack them all in midair, multiple slices. Short, but somewhat interesting
2. No explosive power, just rush at them and mass slaughter, however, considering your style, I'd expect it to show them rushing at him one at a time while he kills one than the other
3. Explosive power doesn't send them flying, but 'boosts' him up. He then goes off and pulls a series of creative moves on one or two of them at a time. Don't be afraid to go anime style at this point.

Then there's the boss. It was realistically done, in the point where it's a quick battle. However, I think we lost the realism factor a while ago. Here, you could put in a bit more of a fight, show the brother's pain and boost it up to 30% feeling, 75% action (I did that on purpose for those math people out there). Maybe a bit of yelling at him or a few tears, could be creative with that. Make the battle a little more drawn out. You had the block, 4 copy and pasted punches, and the final blow. Maybe a few jumps, speed attacks, have the boss use a hidden power maybe. A bit more imposibilities to bring out the power that they both have. Those are my suggestions, if you're not sure what I mean, check out the latest "Gun and Sword" animation. Might be "Gun & Sword". It has examples of what I meant, not to mention it's pretty cool.

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Apr 19, 2010
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