The Last Fight: Final Ep

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Wow, it has been a long time scince I last submited a flash movie here! :)
This work was a major project for me, and it was trully hard to produce, but I enjoyed every second of this aswell. I pushed the animation quality to the max ( at least the best I could) in comparison with my old works, and I guess the result is pretty good ( you tell me guys! :) ). This final episode was supposed to be released by december of the last year, but university and work delayed me as hell. Now that I found some free time I finally was able to finish it! :)
The story speaks by itself, I dont think it needs aditional explanation. I thought the hole movie 75% action & 25% feelings, wich was a verry important part, if not the whole thing would have been pure massacre :P

I also leave you the link to the song I used, wich is from (Xenogenocide), "wake p to Reality":
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/318499

Awesome song! :)

So thats it,

Thanks for watching & hope you enjoy this movie as much as i enjoyed making it!

Edit: wow, daily 3rd place, frontpaged, and top 15 week ending!
Thats much more than I expected! :) Thank you all for your reviews and feedback I really appreciate them!.

I will try to clear out some things about this animation.
Facts: I made almost 300 frames for FBF movments and efects ( wind, run, jumps, sword fights), and many other action sequences between those.
You mays say it was short, and some scenes had some timing issues, and you will be correct. The facts are that I just put so much work on the animation itself, that I lost a little bit the "direction" of the movie in many aspects (timing, angles...etc.). Second when you are making the 300 frame you feel so exahusted and frustrated because its taking so much time....It took me whole 3 months to think, animate, and edit the hole thing, and by then I just wanted to publish and finish this work, wich I wasnt sure if it will succeed. So dont be so drastic with the final result of the movie,... Im not profesional...this would be my second "decent movie" after all....
Hope this clear out some of your questions.
Anyway, thank you all for watching again :)


not bad

for the most part I Iiked it. just remember its all about the story.. make sure your story is compelling enough to work as an animation, and if the story is weak then the animation needs to be intensified to hold up against a non existent story.

Also Ive always been a fan of a ruff styled animation in favor of a polished one simply because you can see how the animator thinks through them.. But for the ruff style you used here there should've been way more animation. theres just too many sliding still shots for this style to work.

anyways you are getting better it and the cartoon was fun, so keep it up

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keepwalking responds:

yes, as many pointed out, I sort of missunderstood the timing and "style" of fights, they are verry quick, and they usually display intense achrobatics that almost redefine the laws of physic. Of course that means adding three times the amount of fbf I used, but I guess that makes the difference. I will think about remaking this movie, or starting with another one...

Thanks a lot for your review, it means a lot that such a legend comented about my movie :P


Well, I did find it enjoyable, however there's a few things I'd not like to see in the future..
- Strange that I haven't really read anyone else pick up on this but.. Initially the sword is holstered on his right, and yet almost immediately after this image he draws it from his left side with his right hand.. Just didn't look too natural.
- If teh sword was holstered, then where'd the case go after he drew it?
- A few of the scenes were REALLY drawn out, and I considerably found this crude.. However, I loved the movements that you did animate because they were really clean. :D

That's about it. 4/5 8/10, good work too. Keep it up, I'd love to see future work :)

Well, here,

I was thinking to myself, "wow, these two anims are really cheesy," and then I noticed that the hair on the back of my neck was standing on end. So cheesy isn't necessarily bad if it's done right.

The animations quality overall is very good. Showing a ton of potential if you really work at it.

the clouds

they look cool.

This animation was pretty good, the whole time I was thinking "this has potential." Some of the action sequences reminded me of anime that I watch. I like the artsy feel to it as well, but some of the characters looked really bad, maybe spend more time on making them look realistic. If you wanted me to think "this guy can't draw people for crap" then you succeeded. Overall nice.

ya i guess

nice job on this the music was gr8 and love the art, but the animation didn't match at all. you wer going for way to epic for the quality of animation here. plus it was too short and there was no battle. They just stood there and took the beating. you've got the right mind set and u should defenetly attempt this short again, just bring the animation and content up a notch. Sweet choice of music thow.

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Apr 19, 2010
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