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ampm's cartoon

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This is whatever you want it to be it can be a cupcake but you can make it the best ever.,

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I can scribble to.

That was way to loud and had little to no effort. If this was a trolling attempt it was a bad one.


Animations like this shouldn't be posted... ever. I agree with SolitaireStars by saying random is fine, but everything is else is terrible. It continuously loops, and only one color was used during the entire movie, and all of the drawings look like scribbles of a two year old. Please put more time and effort into your animations.

Add a Preloader

Random, which is fine but you should have more drawings to make it more of an animation than a slideshow with audio.

The Audio seems to ramble on and doesn't catch my attention very well.

Please put more effort into your Flash before considering submission into the portal since the whole thing feels, well... Pointless. That could be the point though.