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This is something I coded up mainly as an experiement. One thing lead to another and eventually a game (?) developed. I tried to come up with something different from the standard fish eat fish game, but I still wanted it to be a quick and simple game. In the end I'm quite happy with how it came out. Granted it's not perfect, but hopefully some of you will enjoy it. If anything, kick back and click on screensaver mode for a bit. ;) Oh and finally...the small little fish, you can eat those too. :) Thanks for checking it out, I appreciate it.


Good game

Thats a big Goober fish.

Cute but a bug

Cute music and relaxing idea but the second kind of fish never showed up... :( I died and I was doin good and havin fun up until that point and I died.

The Karma system doesn't really cut it.

I usually quite enjoy these kinds of games, but the "karma" system is both confusing and a poor way to add difficulty, in my opinion.

Most of the times I played I'd get to the point where the fish only wants to eat the fish type that looks like itself, and not nearly enough of them appear for me to eat. The karma bar slides down, then health, then I lose, with no good way to avoid it. The only way I can work out is to just go crazy and eat as much as possible as fast as possible, but that only got me a bit further, to the point where I was eating too many "wrong" fish, usually by accident because I was so large, and again the karma guage drops away to nothing.

Points for the decent graphics and good music choice, as well as for the mechanics of the game working nicely.

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Great fun!

I'm not one for fish/fishing games but this one was really fun.

I liked how you were able to get bigger/eat bigger fish over time.

The only thing I didn't like was not being able to swim the opposite way, I think swimming backwards looked odd, so if you were to update/change this in any way just have the fish turn around and swim left when going to the left.

The karma system was neat but a bit confusing, I wasn't sure which fish I could eat without getting karma points taken off.

Anyways, fun game! 4/5 - 8/10.


I really liked this game - very enjoyable, relaxing, nice graphics - good job!

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4.30 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2010
6:08 AM EDT
Skill - Collect