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Romeo and Juliet- Act 2

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Author Comments

This was made for my English project, sorry about the abrupt ending, I was running out of time.

Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 27-52



You should get some tips how to record voices , it will be much better then!

Fireplayer25 responds:

xD Ya think? I hate voice acting personally, and I dislike the english languge, its very hard for me to put emotion into it...wish I could have done it in russian ^^ Plus I had to have my partner voice act, so no blaming me on his terrible voice acting xD

Points for animation and effort.

The animation was well done, to a degree at least, and the style was fitting. R+J are very much in contest with Hamlet for being the first Emos. But besides this, on to the main problem. Voice acting.

Juliet, good. nothing spectacular, but no complaints. Romeo, oh romeo, how he doth suck royally. No offense. It was flat. It had no real emotion. Romeo was a horndog 18 year old who bedded the 15 year old Juliet after a less than a week of knowing her. You might think I'm being cynical here, but I'm not. Romeo was lusty and passionate and full of those fun confusing teenage hormones. Show that in your speech and this could be great. But for now, it lacks emotion and sounds like just reciting your grocery list. I dont mean to say you lack talent, just that you need to put in some better depth of emotion. Otherwise, good show.

Fireplayer25 responds:

Lmao! I agree xD I cannot watch this without laughing my head off every time Romeo goes "Oh speak agian bright angel"

Trust me it wasn't my choice of partner, it was assigned groups and everyone needed to have a part. I was paired off with some boy and I gave him Romeo's lines, I was the girl ^^ Plus, I'm not sure that he even understood half of what he was reading, probebly why it lacked emotion xD

Thank goodness I'm not getting graded on his voice-acting, just mine and my animation. Also side note, Juliet was 13, so not only did he rage his hormones and do her, but he was also being a peodophile :P

Shakespeare?! OH YEAH!

It's like an... emo Shakespere))) And it's all right, cause Romeo and Juliet were kids, who fell in love and committed suicide - how more emo can you get? And it's fuckin awesome!
But sure, a little color won't do any harm - a color will make this thing ultimate. If you would manage someday to do the WHOLE play - you'll be legend.

Fireplayer25 responds:

Thanks~ Your review made my day ^^ I'm really glad you liked it though, for a rushed animation that I put no soul and heart into...aw well, better than my other animation ^^ I finally figured out that frame by frame drawing is a wonderful alternitive to tweening.

For 4 weekend days wasted, it better get me at least a B...

And, there is no way I will ever color this xD To be honost if you notice the animation gets progressivly worse and more lazy as I become more and more sick of drawing Juliet. I swear to god, if I had to color this I would go insane.

But I do really want to animate their deaths, and mercutio's death and fight. Just because that's awesome, and trust me, if I ever do anything like this agian, I will not have that guy voice acting xP

i really loved it

great use of color! superb. My eyes are tearing, no joke. Maybe in part 3, we can see the tragic finale!

Good effort.

The art in this movie was above average in my opinion. The animation was also smooth and overall good. The girls voice was great, though the males was kinda annoying, but that's just a nit-pick. Anyways with some more polish and a bit more length this would of been really great.

Anyways nice job.

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Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2010
9:01 PM EDT