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Here is a animation I have been working on the past few month for my 2D animation module at uni. I've never made an animation as long as this before, but I'm happy with the out come.

The story is fairly simple and short. Original I planned for the animation to be a lot longer, but due to time restrictions I had to cut it short.

Feel free to rate and comment.


Richard S (AKA Kamij)


Pretty sweet for a first submission!

Seriously badass art style, although the closeups could be a little better.

you set the atmosphere perfectly, and the voices were believable, but a better mic definitely couldn't hurt!

you should work on drawing more frames in between their movements- (I know it's a bitch, but it would look a lot smoother!)

Oh, and watch your tweens, sometimes their movements are very awkward when coincided with the background

I hope this helps... & keep working on it man!

Kamij responds:

Thanks for your feedback :) I'm hoping to work on the 2nd part over the summer so I'll take more time on it, and make it better :)

could be better

well overall a pretty decent game a few things you gotta work out later though for version 2.
oh and valdemar is spelled vladimar

Kamij responds:

Thanks. But :S What do you mean by "Descent game"? and also It's a fictional character. Valdemar can be spelled with an "e" :)


this is a great animation
good storytelling and agnles.
this is a college project?

Kamij responds:

Thanks. Yeah it's for a 2D animation module at university :P

not bad but the main character...........

um.....have you ever seen an anime called vampire hunter D?

that main character is basically a copy of him but the animation is decent

Kamij responds:

Indeed. I'm quite the anime fan, and I got the inspiration from Vampire hunter D blood-lust to make this animation. However except for having similar features such as a big hat, cloak and sword on his back. They look nothing a like :S I'd say his hair style and colour of hat reminds me more of alucard :P

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3.17 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2010
7:58 PM EDT