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This game is an early version of tank like games, that somehow linked with tactics. So this is a present to all fans of tactic games. I really love it and will go on with trying to increase my gamedev skills. Peace.


It is really a try case. Also it is my first touch with ads systems. All the features surely will be upgraded soon. However, it is good to hear any comments from you.

P.S. if you go straight to the box and simply press a space bar, u`ll get minimum of points =) peace


Great !

The game is cool, not too hard and not too easy.

The wind system was a good original addition.


Simple and short. Good though cant wait for more from you.

needs improvement

well i like this style of games but it sure needs improvement
i mean you can just go to the box and press space once
good game

Interesting, but too easy

I mean, this tank can go anywhere, it crawls vertical walls - all I do is just ride to the box, stop in front of it and shoot it straight. Any army in the world would love to have this tank.

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Good try :)

This game isn't that great, but I see that it works correctly and it has levels and such, making it a real game! I suggest you work more on a couple of things like:
- The wind system is a good, but too strong, making your bullets flying away too easily. (You might think in the wind in/decreasing after a couple of seconds or something).
- The ground. There are a couple slopes and if you go on them, you won't slow down. Your tank actually goes 'faster' and you can get out of the level...
- Your spelling. (Sorry, it's 'score' instead of 'scores' :))
- The tank's barrel. You can rotate it 360 degrees :(
- The blast strength thingy; it just fires the bullet at 100% (I think it's better to just decrease the amount after 100% is reached and go up again, like at Shoot the Turtle) and it doesn't get reset after you shot.
- There's a button that is invisible (First level, under the ice. See where they are with 'tabbing' while having the flash focused)

But it has it's good things, like:
- The overall design (eg snow falling, drawn houses at the back, the interface)
- The wind.

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2.40 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2010
3:49 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle