Sonicc10 Pwning Sk8

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best flash

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There Is Room For Improvement...

I think that you can improve in many aspects of this movie. I am not trying to be a hater, I am just going to list some things you can improve on. 1. I think you should probably put more effort into your movies. Maybe make better plotlines, and work more on the drawing and animating. 2. You should probably just draw everything instead of downloading pictures off of google images. A) The pictures don't fit with the rest of the animation. B) You can get some mistakes with your photos.( For example, your characters shirt says "Skater Girl" on it. But you may correct me if my assumption of your character being a male was wrong.) 3. Add some sound effects and maybe voices, too. Just having music can get kind of boring. Work on those things and you are sure to get better.

Right to the point.

Terrible quality, but right to the point, amen. Best Flash

You won!

If your goal was to win Turd Of The Week (as you referenced in the flash itself) then I guess you got what you wanted. I am glad you achieved something, even if it was at failing. I mean, you had to get just the right number of people who liked it or else it would have been blammed. I suggest that you work on having more than just a blank background. You should also have the characters move in a much more rapid way. There should also be a lot more action, although you probably did not want that anyway.


We appreciate the fact that you're trying to give a message with worthwhile content (i.e. follow yoru dreams).
But... I didn't quite see a strong enough link between sk8ing, hateful anti-flash comments, and following your dreams (referring to the final message here). But then again, it could be just me.
I understand how you feel about all your haters, but still, I don't think that you should make a flash just to degrade them; it's putting you down to their level, of which you probably aren't. Just press the "Flag this review as abusive" button and let the newgrounds bots take care of the rest! :D

But overall, I'm sure that like many people out there, you have potential of some sort (and yes, I agree with your overall message) - so keep going, and good luck with any further flashes!

Skater Girl

That made this flash remotely funny. It sounds totally like a shirt you would wear to your 3rd Grade class.

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1.85 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2010
12:30 PM EDT
  • Turd of the Week April 21, 2010