The Mistress

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Music credits: SolidInc

The Boyfriend is struggeling to reach the love of his life, when he reachs her unforseen problems forces him away. While gone his nemesis makes a move on his lover. From the absence of her true love she succumbs to the nemesis' will.
The boyfriend fights his way back and steels his love away from the nemesis.

The whole movie is supposed to be taken as a metaphor, on how love sometimes works out.


Beautifully creative, but could use more skill.

While I enjoy the thought behind it, I think the animation itself is limited, and the animation doesn't seem to really push any personal technical boundaries--the stage doesn't move around, the characters stay small and distant and their movements are a bit unnatural. I feel this could have been expressed better. Otherwise, though, the music really suits the concept well, and the character striving for love and the starry night sky in the background are all really cute, and fit so well together~! The concept really is great.
Nice job, and good luck in future projects. I'd like to see more of your stuff, I just hope you take your animation further than this.

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Adorable & Mystifying

This was a very enjoyable flash. The animation, though somewhat stilted during some parts, seemed to add to the style and flavor, rather than take away from it. The music used was very good and adds a curious, mystifying aura to the animation.

Now, while I did enjoy the music, I found that after a certain point, the music would transition into somewhat a different feel with some heavy bass hits and whatnot. I feel that part of the song kind of takes away from the mood established earlier in the song and doesn't quite line up with the flash. I would consider having the song loop at an earlier point so it keeps that consistent mood.

Overall, very well executed. Try not to take my comments too seriously if you think I'm crazy; with a flash as stylistic as this, I likely just missed/misunderstood something, haha.

Hope to see more from you in the future. :)

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Good, but a bit hard to understand.

I really liked it, but it took watching it twice and reading your comments for me to really figure out what was going on. It would probably help if there was some way to distinguish the two men. The music is amazing and fits well with what you are trying to do in the animation. The animation itself could be smoothed out a bit but its style is consistent and is part of the appeal, so I really don't mind it.

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2.90 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2010
11:49 AM EDT