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A deadly cloud of ash blows toward the mouse pointer. Clog the jets' engines to make them crash. Crash them into other jets for maximum carnage!

We're having a Game Jam at my place this weekend, and decided to make a 3 hour game based on randomly chosen themes. The themes that came up were maps, chickens and umbrellas, so I decided to go with maps and make this - partly inspired by the fact that my wife was supposed to be away all weekend visiting family, but ended up trapped in the house with a load of game developers! Got the basic game working within the 3 hours, then decided to spend another couple tweaking and 'polishing'. Enjoy!

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Nice game about Iceland! I actually live there. Yep, I'm writing this from Iceland. Great game.

hahah fun

I had the same thing as happycaveman, make a start button indeed.

Games like this just had to come, it's funny because it's all in the news.

Now that was fun!

I thought it was just going to be the opening screen, untill I clicked it, perhaps you should make a start button?
The intro was very fun, and you must have made this game real quick, since the volcanic eruption has only just started a few days ago.


You lack instructions dude, I didn't know what to do in the game xD