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Why Or Why Not?

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Author Comments

The following animation is a 2D music video that I created as part of one of my assignments at art college. The main objective of the assignment was to analyse the lyrics of a song and create a 2D-animated music video of the chosen song that is meant to emphasise the meaning of the lyrics. The main purpose of this music video is to emphasise the meaning of the chosen song and, at the same time, visually express my personal experiences in an Expressionist manner. As always, I hope you all enjoy watching this music video as much as I enjoyed creating it!

-EDIT: Monday 17th May 2010- I have now corrected a few mistakes and/or errors during the close-up of the run cycle and inputted more ActionScript to emulate a proper replay button.

DISCLAIMER: All copyrighted material (i.e. soundtrack) is property of its rightful and respectful owners (i.e. Hiroyuki Oshima and Rekka Katakiri). All rights reserved.

Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude and the Cleveland College of Art and Design does not claim any ownership to their properties whatsoever and uses them for non-profit entertainment and showcase purposes only.

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Pretty Interesting

The art is pretty okay but the animation needs some work. I really dont get what the music has to do with anything though. lol.

- Rain needs to be more realistic; it needs to go a bit slower and not so mixed up everywhere
- The artwork COULD be better but since this is manga, i assume it will have to do ...
- The animating part was somewhat "easy", as in, you didnt really see much effort into it. There was more still pictures then actual animation. Work on that.
- The quote... well, i am not sure if it was connected to the movie. sort of...

MysteryEzekude responds:

As I mentioned earlier, I believe that the lyrics are very meaningful and I can relate them to my personal feelings. For example, when the singer implies "believing in life" and "asking whether she would be alive," this refers to her gradual deterioration of her confidence.

Anyway, I found animating slightly easy up until creating and animated more complex props (e.g. rain fall, run cycle) I worked on the protagonist's run cycle for about two weeks and I found working on it rather difficult.

Finally, the quote is meant to remind us that we can't change what can't be changed but we can change what can be changed for a better future.

was nice

Liked the shots thought that you really told your story. I think that you could have cleaned up one or two of the scenes. I did like the bed scene thought the transitions were good in that scene. Keep up the good work.

MysteryEzekude responds:

I wanted to give the impression of the protagonist tossing and turning over time (e.g. every five or ten minutes). I'm glad that you like the idea of transition.

Not bad at all!

While the art certainly has plenty of room for improvement, it was good enough to get the job done and not detract from the feel of the movie. As you said in the video, this was to add to the music, as well as express your own personal experience with it, and I certainly felt that you pulled that off perfectly. Should you decide to continue doing flash, the main suggestion I have for you is a little more work into the art and animation, and then you will be doing really well!

MysteryEzekude responds:

Yeah, I initially wanted to create the animation as detailed and realistic as possible. However, in order to save time, I had to rush the animation slightly. I found the run cycle the most difficult to create and animate. I spent most of my time working on that one scene.

Other than that, I'm glad that you believe that my music video fully emphasises the meaning of the lyrics. And I thank you for your analytic criticism.

It's pretty good.

For what it is, it's pretty good.

I'm not entirely sure how it fits the music, though, which kinda bothered me.

The artwork for it was okay, up until the part where he was standing in the rain. It seemed weird that his muscles were very defined against the backdrop of the city. Just wanted to point that out.

Other than that, I hope this gets a good grade!


MysteryEzekude responds:

Well, the song is quite slow-paced and features a soothing but also quite dark atmosphere. I believe that the lyrics are very meaningful and can relate to my personal feelings. For example, when the singer implies "the sound of footsteps becoming louder every day," that refers to the gradual increase of the intensity of negative emotions (e.g. stress, anxiety, guilty, etc.)

I found animating the slow-motion run cycle rather difficult. My top priorities were to make the run cycle as realistic and detailed as possible. I worked on that particular scene for two weeks.

But when the protagonist was standing on the rooftop and viewing the cityscape, you might have mistaken his coat sleeves for muscles.

Thank you for your helpful criticism. I will keep those points in mind when writing my evaluation.


it get stuck

but i hive u a 9 anyway

MysteryEzekude responds:

Try waiting for 30 seconds before pressing the play button.