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The Epic Of Balls: Pt. 1

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Balls starts his quest off with a bang. In this epic 5 part series, our protagonist balls is on a mission. And so it begins...

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inspirational as fuck!


Balls is born with a brain tumor. He sits in his yard, every day, just sliding... sliding. His parents call for him. He does not answer. His mother begins to cry. Balls does not answer. It is not reality. Balls is in a hospital. Gazing into a photo of a yard. His parents ask the doctor what's wrong. He explains that balls is stuck inside his own fantasy. Days go by. He does not sleep. He stares. He does not eat. He stares. He does not drink. He stares. Days later Balls' depressing life ends. Balls is born with a brain tumor.


Lol i watched the whole thing hoping it would change...
Awesome song though lol

I dont get it...

Thats not funny...

Haha wtf

It's not everyday that you get to see a blue blob named Balls side scroll back & forth, and dance(?) to a groovy beat. It gets repetitive pretty quick, yet that same repetitiveness gives it that hilarious charm. I oddly look forward to seeing an episode 2, lol.