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Hugs Not Drugs

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Comedy - Original

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Apr 17, 2010 | 4:38 PM EDT

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Also on Youtube.

Needed to dump the video.

Love, Ezpanio.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I do not care for animation, with the exception of the late Viewtiful-Chris's masterpiece, "Freezepop JEM!," which is less an animation than an impassioned live-action indictment of a "future" society. Nevertheless, the unending advertising for "Hugs Not Drugs" was effective and I went to see the film.

"Hugs Not Drugs" is disappointing in comparison to Ezpanio's other science fiction works. I don't care if "Hugs Not Drugs" has any relation to "Censor My Dick," and while certain events in the film certainly do suggest a relation (albeit rather ambiguous), I just wanted to see an entertaining, thoughtful thriller that would stand on its own and make me think.

The good news is this: "Hugs Not Drugs" met my expectations. The bad news? It might be considered horrible. For me, horrible is a good thing. It is a signal to make something better. For others, however, sitting through "Hugs Not Drugs" and attempting to comprehend the philosophical and political undertones is probably more of an effort than you might wish to make.

In the hopes of not spoiling any major details, I will paint this picture with a very broad brush.
Scientists find flash animations dating back thousands of years. All of the cave paintings depict the same thing: Mario, Sonic and Luigi fighting all in the same alignment. Using technologies (80 years from now), they pinpoint a planetary system in outer space that matches the alignment of the orbs. This planetary system has a sun, and one of the planets in specific has a moon that the scientists suspect sustains life. On this planet is supposedly an alien race that created man. And so, as the story goes, these scientists manage to convince a dying billionaire to finance their venture. When the scientists arrive, they make some mysterious, significant discoveries. Of course, conditions increasingly worsen, crew members die and the long-awaited conflict begins to materialize.

It is a slow buildup, but when the film begins to take a disturbing turn, it is quite unsettling. The beginning of the film did not give me any reason to believe that I was going to be seeing anything but a film that only a science fiction fanatic could love. But by the middle, it traps you in a cold embrace.
Drugs, cursing, acting like Fred, and a towering giant of an alien is, for better or for worse, awakened.

By the end of the movie, your head is spinning, and you may still have questions. I am sure that this is because Ezpanio has already lined up a sequel if this movie is profitable.

For those moviegoers who are impatient, the first half hour will be slow. But this is intentional and creates a sense of peace and acquiescence in a story saturated with terror and gore.

Computer graphics are not realistic to me, and in too many cases they are used as a substitute for legitimate dialogue and intelligent storytelling. In some cases, Ezpanio obviously slips in violent, action-packed scenes to maintain the attention of an audience.

The story itself is not only thrilling and frightening at the same time, but it is also genuinely intriguing, and it kept me engaged through the its 124-minute running time. It explores scientific and theological divide and conflict over the origins of mankind. It considers the implications of outer space exploration and the existence of other life forms. More profoundly, it considers the relation between those life forms and humanity.

The single facet of the movie that stood out most is the dialogue between David and Elizabeth near the end of the movie. Elizabeth wants to find answers to a very big question, when she could more easily return to Earth without finding that answer. David points this out and tells her that he cannot comprehend why she would want to further endanger herself just to answer one question. Her response is spot-on: "Well, I guess that's why you are a robot and I am a human." Exactly.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're on your way kid!

I don't think I've seen anything on this site quite as funny as this! Your delivery is amazing and your jokes are absolutely hysterical. Please make more!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Little boy,

Did you let your Mommy see this video? You should show her and see what she thinks! :D

About your movie: The video was not particularly interesting. It was mostly just a bunch of rambling and cussing, with a jittery camera, and no plot. The dialog makes it hard to listen to, and the jittery camera makes it hard to watch.

Anyway, generally Newgrounds is for Flash animations. Youtube is for videos. If you'd like to make any more videos, please put them on Youtube. If you make an animation, we might watch it here.

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you are to young to do this kind of stuff. when you reach the age of 14 then you will be accepted.

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Ezpanio responds:

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get it right

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