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Hugs Not Drugs

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Also on Youtube.

Needed to dump the video.

Love, Ezpanio.

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You're on your way kid!

I don't think I've seen anything on this site quite as funny as this! Your delivery is amazing and your jokes are absolutely hysterical. Please make more!

Little boy,

Did you let your Mommy see this video? You should show her and see what she thinks! :D

About your movie: The video was not particularly interesting. It was mostly just a bunch of rambling and cussing, with a jittery camera, and no plot. The dialog makes it hard to listen to, and the jittery camera makes it hard to watch.

Anyway, generally Newgrounds is for Flash animations. Youtube is for videos. If you'd like to make any more videos, please put them on Youtube. If you make an animation, we might watch it here.


you are to young to do this kind of stuff. when you reach the age of 14 then you will be accepted.

Ezpanio responds:

hello mr. faggot. i had to dump the video so plz go fuck your mother, then again she dosent love you, you n****r.

get it right

crack and or cocaine(there is a slight difference)is a stimulant like caffiene,chocolate,and oxychloron,so get it right plus crack is smoked cocaine is snorted learn the facts!(there is NO euphoria)

do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

wow, you have a very extended vocabulary for a 12 year old? HOLY FUCKING SHIT