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> NGR Desktop: http://bit.ly/OKrtB2 (remove spaces)

> You *NEED* Flash Player 10 or above and a fast internet connection to get the full experience out of NGR.

> If the visualizer suddenly stops working, just click the "Randomize" button to get it working again. If that doesn't work, open it in POP UP MODE and it should work.

> If you find any bugs/glitches, or you have any suggestions for new features, please include them in your review or PM me.

_________ COMMENTS _________

Newgrounds Radio is a nifty gadget that streams music from the Newgrounds Audio Portal right to your computer.

There are over 300,000 amazing songs and counting in the Portal, and you can listen to them all in one convenient place with Newgrounds Radio. If you like a song, you can add it to your Favorites list, which will be there every time you come back. If you want to repeat a song you didn't favorite, you can always look back at your History list and search through all the songs you've previously listened to.

Newgrounds Radio even features an epic visualizer that allows you to see the songs you're listening to. Of course, you're free to just open some new tabs and keep NG Radio open so you can listen to epic music!

I'm also working on a standalone version of Newgrounds Radio so you can listen to it without having to open up your browser.

Thanks to Sh0t-D0wn, EJR, Twilight, Farza, KevnSevn, and all my other testers for testing this!

Special Super Thanks to HDXMike for being awesome.

_________ UPDATE LOG _________
v1.00 - April 17 - NGR Released
v1.00 - April 18 - Daily 2nd, Thanks!
v1.02 - April 18 - Fixed Ads


Really cool app

You've got everything looking really good :d The only thing it could use is some more left-field visualisation ideas and by the sound of things some extra compatibility - other than that great job!

Archawn responds:

Thanks for the review.


You should definitely add a "download" option if the song permits it.

Archawn responds:

There is one.


I would've written a reveiw earlier but I was too busy listening to music with your radio o.o
This is definately something I'll be using almost every day :D

Archawn responds:



I was wondering why I couldn't find something like this in the Audio Portal.
Now I know why :) You just finished making it!

Congratulations and thank you! A lot!!

I have some suggestions though:

- I would like to pick a genre of music and randomize only in that genre, instead of all the music in audio portal... You're just using the ID for randomizing, right? What if before playing it, you access the URL and detect the genre first in "File Information" field, then you would only allow to play those who are of that specific genre. You could get your program to do this, right? Please, say yes!!

- Is it possible for your flash to auto-adjust the volume? Some authors use higher/lower volumes in their music. If your program can identify the volume of each track and adjust it to the user's desired volume, it would be perfect!

- this may be the hardest one (i don't if it's possible)... it would be amazing if the animation that is in use could be from an existing flash game or movie on Newgrounds! With the randomize option for this, it would become the B3ST FL4SH 3V3R M4D3!

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Archawn responds:

1) Not Possible, Sorry
2) Possible, but not exactly plausible
3) Not Possible

Better versions have been done

This is a nifty little streaming radio gadget that has what it needs to have. You put in the randomizer, links to a song's page, even a button to download the song. Functionally, it does what it needs to.

That said, you're not the first one, and likely not the last to make an Audio Portal radio. The best I've come across is from Dissolute Productions (They made Chaos Faction among other games), which has about everything that you have here, plus a lot more playback and informational options. It's much less clunky than yours and you can download it as an external program (viewing your radio even in a popup window required some awkward scrolling to fit it exactly, making an .exe would probably help)

The biggest problem for me was that the one feature that I DON'T see on most radio gadgets, the visualizer, did not work at ALL. I tried changing some of my flash settings around, tried all of those visualizer settings, and loaded 20 different songs, and all I got for my troubles was an empty black box with an FPS monitor in it. My advise is either to fix that (unless its just being temperamental just on my computer for some reason) or take it out and streamline the rest of the playback and informational options.

Otherwise, it's a decent radio, but not the best one out there.

Archawn responds:

The visualizer is the main thing that separates this from EON's radio. I'm mad that it doesn't work correctly.

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4.41 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2010
10:18 AM EDT
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  • Daily 2nd Place April 18, 2010