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|||Signal Series: Chapter 1|||
A sad, dramatic story about a stickman-type person held in an experimental building, where all he can do all day is talk. He is imprisoned with many other people, which he grows to know better over the "days," which are literally kept on a timer. None of them know what happens when the timer runs out, because none of them have been alive very long.

My first attempt at a somewhat "full-body" animation. The shakiness (when they stand still) is to give them life, so please don't leave comments saying "2 shaki" or "reduc3 teh shakes," please. (the shaking is my style, and don't say that that's just my excuse, because I COULD'VE made it less shaky if I wanted to)

Enjoy this rather touching, mystery story, which may be revealed and explained in a sequel. :)

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Odd but i liked it

First off great job on putting up some awsome and differant {VIEW-SHOTS} and second you put together some awsome {MUSIC} that seemed to flow well with the slow but fitting {ANIMATION} this was really neat from start to finish with the flow of it but mostly the {STORY} it was actually nice with the silent but some {VOICES} might have gave it an even more strange feel, which was a good thing, now i have to disagree with the {CREDITS} music it seemed to not fit with the whole setting, but still a great little flash here, infact i almost added it to my faves list, if it were not for that ending credit music, but other then that it was a very pleasent flash and story, as to improve on this well the music at the end i would remove, but more ideas and tips on how to improve on this more below, anyways good luck on any new work

The ending credit music should be something more soft as the films music was, seems more fitting that way, another idea might be adding some soft voices to add to the odd and strange effect of your idea.

An odd yet good flash i liked it very much.


CaKeS1 responds:

Thank you for such an elaborate review. It helps me a lot. Though this is pretty old xD I'm thinking about remaking A Signal (the sequel to this) as I kinda just got off track and ruined it. But still, thanks for the input!


I thought this was a very original flash if not the most suspenseful. I guess it just gives off such an interesting tone of mystery, it is hard to come up with a consistent theme. I would like to see this explained, but it's still a fine cartoon. The best part is the animation, as you really worked hard to put dimension into the stick figure medium. It seems like this guy was trapped at a mental asylum, which sort of happened to my brother next time. It was weird to hear that song played at the end.

CaKeS1 responds:

Wow haven't got a response in a while. Thanks for the input, and it seems you understand this pretty well ;)

And I picked Feather by Nujabes because I thought it was calm and added to the strange feel of the animation. Thanks :D


There's more behind this story. I'm curious to see the rest.
The moments where the characters did move showed a good presence of animation, the mysterious feel it all has does intrigue, and seems to hide quite the story.
It was a bit choppy, though. And I don't mean the shaky animation. I'm well aware that that's a style, but as finderr pointed out, there's too many darkened screens going 'later', etc. It minces the experience quite some. I'm not saying you shouldn't use them at all, but some moderation would be nice.

Last and certainly least, learn the difference between 'to' and 'too'. It's not that important, but when I see those types of mistakes it makes me cringe. That's just me, though. Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything about it.

I want to see what this world looks like. I eagerly await the second.

CaKeS1 responds:

Thank you for your review! And I'll make sure to get the "to" and "too" right next time ;) I'm going to use a different way to transition the animation next time, it should fix up the "later..." things all together :3


goes to show it's in the story more than clean lines and fancy frame work

CaKeS1 responds:

Exactly! Thanks!

i liked it

but u had waay to many, "the next day" "that night" n stuff, less of that more longer scenes, :p

CaKeS1 responds:

Noted. Lots of people mentioned that on other sites too, thanks for telling me, I'll make sure to fix it if theres a sequel!

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4.11 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2010
8:02 PM EDT