Girlchan in Paradise Ep3

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A lot happens in this 10 minute long episode of Girlchan in Paradise. Someone dies. Someone doesn't. And everybody goes AHHH.


Girlchan in Paradise Ep3

Am I the only one who finds this flash just plain annoying?

I shouldn't have had my hopes that high

I will say this. The greatest parody by far that you have made that makes it watch more than once had got to be Girl Chan. The first episode wasn't that bad. The second was more improved and better. This one... was just a bit disappointing. Literally half the entire middle was nothing than two characters arguing. This actually reminded me of an episode of Family guy, which also isn't too special. Obviously your parodying anime, but this looks like you did more copying family guy joke techniques more than parodying of the anime itself. Than in the second half, we see more talking and talking, and the gun reference is also a bit too familiar.

No offense to you Ego, but for several months your jokes and style are, I wouldn't say lowering, but its just getting stale. You should try to come up with a little more fresh and new. Again, this third episode was also disappointing because its the same voices we hear in your other flashes like Literal and Transformers, and the jokes and style is so similar to them that it makes this just rehashed.

The second girlchan had improved art and voicing, but this one looked like you rushed it a bit too much, since half the entire show was just zooming in on the characters with tweening mouth moving animation.

Again, I was a bit interested in this series, but this episode of the three was probably less expected by far. Try a bit better. I know you can improve.


I tried to give the best constructive criticism as I can. I am kind of disappointed in egoraptor. None of the stuff where he excels in doestn't exist in this episode. The jokes are not funny. Randomness is here and there, there is little substance to the plot. Perhaps this episode will entertain the original fans but I doubt this could bring in more audience. Time for change.

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Could have been better...

Now I know what everyone is going to say, especially the fanboys "OMG u vot 3 what duh fuk is rong wit u ur a fag bich". Well unlike most of them I'm going to give a very thorough review that won't sugarcoat. The Voicing was obviously bad because it was meant to be bad so that was good. The art is above average as usual so its also good. Why did I disapprove strong? here are the reasons.

The 3rd girlchan was just a similar copy and paste style joke of the other two. However, when it came to Girl Chan 2, it was definitely the best, probably worth an 8. The first one wasn't too good but it was definitely better when it came to pointing out the flaws of the anime, worth a 6 or a 7. This... well...... What really was disappointing was the fact that when we expect an anime parodying, you interupted it with a typical random/nonsense theme that just gets old and it just ruins rather than enhances the anime itself. The only reference you did that made sense of the parodying was the fact in the beginning they called japanese food american, which IS true and you pointed it out perfectly, and that is until you just overexaggerated and kept it going for 2 minutes. We get it. The food dubbing is bad when they did it in the American style companies like 4kids, but you should have made it quick with AT LEAST a second clever comeback. But it just dragged on and on.

What REALLY disappointed me though was the entire 5 minutes of the two characters arguing about "Oh Im dead put me back in the episode just figure something out". Thing. I remembered watching Adult Swim on a family guy episode where two of the characters were arguing and trying to interrupt the other's sentence but they keep talking without hesitation. You probably were inspired by that and did this. This looks like anime parody, family guy, ATHF and food all packaged to one and drenched in Ego style randomness and stupidity (which may have worked in video game parodies, but won't work for this one or on original ones in general). And since half the flash was nothing but family guy style argument, that took the 5 points since it wasn't original in any way. The other 2 points taken out was because of the dragging of the beginning, and as for the twins. Who are they? They weren't given such a very formal introduction, as well as that female lookalike of that other character (Don't know his name)

I have also been reading some of the comments here (I got bored one day so I just read) and I must say It's a bit interesting. A huge majority of Ego fanboys who gave it a 10 and just gave single sentences all have no icons, no flashes, hell half all have the [This person didn't make a contribution to this site so here's an Advertisement] page. I also see that everytime someone like me makes a decent critic review about the negative holes in this flash they'll lash out and say "OMG ur a fag u suk go to hell homo" and I'll get harassed nonstop, which is in my opinion pretty flattering. I also see that like 10% of the fanboys' comments all say that "Oh duh guy below me who gav u a bad review is stupid he suks u rule Ego 4 eva". Which is just incredible. These reviews are made for pointing out the positives and negatives of the flash and the artist's techniques, NOT to argue with each other's reviews...

But oh well. The first two, while I'm not a fan of it, were still good, but this one was just overly dramatic and dull. Maybe you'll fix those holes and make a slightly better one. Don't take any offense to this, but rather try and find those weak points and cover them with a steel plate of improvement.

- Metropcs

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Egoraptor responds:

family guy invented comedy.


i liked it up until he shot the two girls then i got mad then i lol wen uskei shot himself and fell down the satirs

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