Peace, Be Still

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This flash from 2009 is my first proper animation originally made in one week for a short film group called Quickflick World. The given theme was choice and the technical parameter was surrealism, so that is why it looks that way. It was developed afterward and got accepted into a few animation and film festivals.

I had little idea of how to make an animation this long when I started, but many viewers were pleased with the result, I hope NG viewers think so as well.

If going a bit jumpy, please change to Medium Quality.

BG @ StudioBassD

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Definately Original.

You have a unique style and I can appreciate that.

As much as this was different, looked good, and as far as I can tell this was your first flash, you have done amazingly. And your set for good things here. You have a style of your own, your animation is fluid, and its worth watching. I'm sure that's why you have scored a score well above 3.5 at this time.

Some of your animation wasn't exactly, animated. I suppose. Your new to flash, and I have worked with flash before and I know its not easy to work with. But for example, when he was unrolling the map, it didn't look as though he was unrolling it. It just seemed as though the image was going berserk.

Luckily for you, your one of the artists who starts off here amazingly. One of the few who puts effort in and doesn't go with the 'Its my first time' excuse. I'm amazed by that, and I think your in for a daily award today. Just touch up on some finer points of your work, and put more time into every single movement you make in flash. Even something as simple as unrolling a map, which can be the different between a 4 or a 5.

I'm not being a hard ass. I just try to actually give artists some information. Rather than praising them when they still have room to work with. So, congratulations on an amazing flash. An amazing movie. I'm certain you'll improve over time.

Nice work.

studiobassd responds:

Thanks for the detailed advice. I'll make note of it in future work.

really cool style

it's really fluid and loose, really trippy and unlike anything I've seen on ng before. good job :D

studiobassd responds:

Thanks Otaku,
It is inspired by film a lot. But with flash it sparks into animation.

Pretty Good

Very Good I Like This.

studiobassd responds:


Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2010
8:40 PM EDT