Meet'N'Fuck: Star Mission

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The year is 3050. The male population has decreased dramatically as a result of long, bloody, intergalactic wars. Now all men are property of the United Galactic Federation and are used only for reproduction purposes. In special cryogenic capsules, male individuals are shipped to different parts of the universe for the settlement of new planets. Our hero Chuck is one of those guys. After awaking from hypersleep he decided that time of sexual revolution has came!


Its a brilliant game! You just have to concentrate on the spelling and grammar and there you are a 5 star game!

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Ok now im call with headphones in, students behind me and a teacher in front of me. I think its time for a tutorial
1) sit through the 40 second tutorial. (learn your name is mister penis,chuck*.
2) go to the dining room, talk to Mrs bitch face.
Hi, beauty, my name is Chuck.
Yeah, that`s me.
Nice to meet you. The captain`s assistant said i can eat something here.
Could you make me a sandwich?
(Collects heavy`s Sandvich)
3) go to Captain`s bridge.
4) talk to assistant.
6) go to engine room.
7) talk to dumb bitch (NO#2)
Hello. My name is Chuck.
(should have been a comma after Hello)
My cryo capsule was damaged. I`ll spend the rest of the trip among you.
It seems you`re trying to fix a plasma pump, Joslyn.
I have a sandwigh. Take it if you want.
I know a little about plasma pumps. Can I look at it while you eat?
8) (now comes the realy hard part.
Rotate the top peice (Plasmacap) so that it lines up with the two holes in the top corners of the capsule, and place it accordingley. Rotate the 2`nd peice (Glass cylinder) so that it fits into the cap and the two connecting joints on theside are facing upward the glass tube, connecting them tothe plazma valves in the middle of the capsule. Rotate the 3`rd peice (Inner plasma pump cap) so that thegroove in the frontof the peice is facing downwards and the line on the cap is on the top half of the peice. Place the cap accordingley inside the glass tube so that it fits in the middle of it. Now grab the 4`th peice (Plasma pump lever) so that the clip on the end of the shaft is facing upwards, place the clip inside the lower middle part of the plasma pump cap so that the on putton appears. turn the plasma pump on, get congradulated by bitch face (NO#2)
If you didnt know, when you hover your mouse over the part a little rotation symbol appears in the bottom left corner ofthe highlighted box.
9) Fuck bitch face (NO#2) right in the pussy! (this scene is quite boring -_- , not even hard yet.)
10) Go to the Captain`s bridge
11) talk to the Captain`s Assistant
What`s new? Are we still in danger of a meteor shower?
I don`t want to boast but did you know that i helped with the engine repair? (nobody gives a flying fuck Chuck)
You know, Priscilla. I think you`re the prettiest girl on this ship.
Yes. Could you show me where my state room is? I feel so tired.
12) fuck bitch face (NO#???)
Oh wait like every other fucking Meet`N`Fuck game there has to be a scene where you meet a stubborn bitch face who yells at you for every wrong move you make, so lets get this shit done with!
Touch her right upper arm.
Touch her right shin.
Touch her left lower arm.
Touch her right thigh.
Touch her left thigh.
Stroke her lower abdomen.
Squeeze her left boobie. ( by clicking the lower part of her leftboobie)
Pinch her left nipple.
Pinch her right nipple.
Move her hand from her vagina. (by clicking her left wrist)
Rub her pubis. (by clicking the top of her vagina)
Finger her vagina.
Finnish the sex part of this shiity thing.
Get the viabrator.
13) go to Captain`s bridge
14) talk to the captain
I havent had time to aks you your name, captin.
Nice to meet you, Jenna. I`m Chuck McLroy. May i ask you a question?
How can you live without a man? i meean, don`t you ever want sex?
Wanna try to do it with a real man?
Let`s go into my room. I`m going to show you how good I`m in bed.
You could switch on autpilot.
15) go to Gunner place thingy
16) talk to Gunner
Captain gave me permission to watch how you work here, I`m Chuck.
The meteor shower is coming. Let me shoot that biglaser gun.
Oh come on, babe. When I was in the army,i fired a thing like this.
Yeah, but i can still shoot better than any skirt.
if you let me shoot, I`ll let you suck my cock.
HAHAHA lol trolled u XD
Just give me a chance and I`ll prove to you I`m the best.
17) shoot the meteors ( lol did you just see me i 360 noscoped those noob meteors!
18( fuck the bitch (NO#4) I think??? Still not even fucking hard thoe.
19) go to the Captain`s bridge.
20) talk to the captain again.
21) coin the dumb bitches hole. (A little bit hard now OK?)
(Aquire the stoopid captin`s credit card)
22) go to the Captain`s bridge
23) go to the navigator
You can relax, we`ve successfully passed through the meteor shower!
Doctor Kora gave me some migrane pills. Come on, take them.
Listen, you look a little tired. I think you need to take a break.
May I go with you? I can give you a nice relaxing massage.
Ahh now here comes a part again where we need to touch the retard bitch, so lets go!
Touch her right arm
Stroak her right thigh
Strak her lower abdomen
Squeeze her left boob
Rub her vagina
Take off her bra (by clicking it)
Rub her left boobie
Squeeze both her boobies (by clicking in the midle of the cleavage)
Pinch her left tit
Take off her panties ( again by clicking them)
Rub her pubis ( again by clicking the top of her vagina)
Finger her vagina
(hidden tip, after you fill the pleasure bar you can then finger her butthole. she rejects it but for some reason the developers put it in)
24) fuck the dumb bitch
(Collect Super Mario Bro`s for nintendo!)
25) go to the Sick Bay
26) talk to the nurse
Let me introduce myself, my name is Chuck McLroy
(Fuck i think i missed something out, sry if I did)
Good, my head just aches a little.
27) go to the Kitchen
28) talk to the Chef
Could i help youwith cooking?
I`ve got a viabrator. I think it would make a perfect Potato masher.
I know a good way to spend your new free time.
29) fuck the retard bitch.
(snatch that bitches Jack Daniel`s and run out the door)
30) go to the cargo bay
31) talk to the guard
Look at what I`ve got. A Super Mario Brother`s Nintendo Console!!! game!
Hey, not so fast bab! I plan to keep it for myself.
Help me to get in the cryogenic isolation area.
I`ll give you that stuff if you`ll fuck with me.
Don`t you want this super cool Super Mario Brothers Nintendo Console? Okay, I`m leaving.
(fuck the gullIble bitch)
32) Enter the Cryogenic Insulation Area
33) Swipe the card
44) Make the captin feel like a fucking retarded bitch for loosing her card.

GG everyone tankyou very much for reading this tutorial it took me like 4 houres to wright this thing
so goodbye and have fun playing the game pleas leave a comment if you found this helpfull and you can repay me in nudes or money, thx!!!

Email adress: awoolley35@gmail.com
Skype name: shanerharvey01
Steam name: skyrimdragon22
Mobile number: 0475-102-260 (hah u wish cunt!)

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My one complaint is the annoyingly long intro sequence that can't be skipped. Other than that, pretty good.

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I've seen several people unable to complete the plasma pump mini-game. I have the same problem. The parts simply will not "stick" when I drag them into the correct position. Has anyone experienced this and then solved this problem?


The dialog is very childish and immature(lack of respect for the opposite sex), beside that it was quite a good little game. The aggressive dialog really triggers me in a bad way because it's just so unrealistic - even in a game like this.

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Apr 15, 2010
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