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Smileys Invasion 3

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This is a Smileys Invasion Game Series major update, featuring:

* Written in AS3, now it doesn't slow down when there are many Smileys
* Bad Smileys collision system among them improved
* New sounds and music plus other old but great sounds
* Speed of Light mode, which means everything goes SUPER SUPER fast!

Hope you like it.

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for this game, the ball are too fast, make it slover please =3

also i have idea of ne smileys :

white smiley - apparears at level 10, very small and spawn random smiley every 1 second ( at level 20 it spawn every 0.5s )
black smiley - apparars at level 15, try to shoot you, if you are touch you are paralysed for one second ( at level 25 it paralyse for 2s )
yellow smiley - apparears at level 3, that smile are like a mirror of you, but when it touch a smile he clone the smile ( spawn every 3 levels after level 3 )


It's a bit crazy and easy to lose yourself, but overall not bad.


what the !*#@ was that?!

Interesting game

I haven't played the other smiley invasion games, but with this game it seems like the game is based more on random button than anything.

I like the concept though.

Too frantic

Everything's a bit too quick, I felt like I was just watching the game happen. I couldn't really tell if I was controlling the ball. I just left it for about a minute and I didn't lose just because all the smileys just bounce everywhere. I managed to collect enough to stay alive just by staying in the same spot. I suggest making it slower, introducing more variety to the game and changing the music and sound effects.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2010
12:57 PM EDT