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Not So Ultimate Brawl

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AWWWwww Crap! I just realized that the enter button doesn't work! It works when I played it on flash, but not here. Sad isn't it. Don't let this take away from the not enjoyment you'll get from it anyway.

The name of this describes it all!

This is probably the worst fight you'll ever see on Newgrounds or any other site, because it's the first animation I have ever done with flash in my life. I hope you'll get over the terrible animations and things, and enjoy the little parts of it that are actually worth a little something. Also, this movie might be rated teen just because I put violence as mild. There's a tiny little bit of blood and brains, but nothing major.

I completely made the animation shown on my own.

Explosion and gunshot effects all done by Cosmoseth;

Movie Guide:

Right-Click for quality.

Again, I hope you enjoy this!

(And this was mainly something to pass the time when I realized that I have only made games. I don't plan on taking animation up as a career, as you can see.)


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Not bad!

Nice to see someone actually trying to learn from my source files :] lol

I like the animation. Now invest your time in making something longer, and keep practicing. You'll get there.

It was ok...

Here this might inspire you: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /506165
it inspired me to get into animation! Oh also fix the enter button not working...

i still thought it was awesome even though you

i still thought it was awesome even though you cant pause it it would be nice to see more of your ultimately awesome stick figure short movies

shows promise...a lot of promise

it's just that the animation need work

Its Ok...

Add Some Color Though