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Well I'll be damned, it's Reality Check Episode 5: Super Mario 64. You all know that star, from the first snow level, Cool, Cool Mountain. You know, the one where you had to find the baby penguin and the mother was a bitch to you everytime you got it wrong? Yeah, you know that pissed you off so much. Well suffice to say it didn't make Mario too happy either.

Because penguins in the Mushroom Kingdom are dicks.

*Daily 2nd, well thats certainly a nice surprise, best I've done so far, thanx for viewing guys*
*10K views that smashing thanx very much*

Oh and no penguins were harmed in the making of this flash. We love penguins really, just not when they're in Mario games


helping for super mario 64 ds: i think you need wario to break the ice he's freaking fat ya know


finally, mario puts that bitch penguin in her place...

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Amen, Mario!

Those frigging birds!
I did the same thing in the game. Aside from the fireball, that is. Mama bird chased after me. To a point. Then she was like "Meh. Whatever."

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CammersJDL responds:

She's such a crap mother, she can't even be bothered with taking revenge

Take that mommy penguin!

I love Mario's rants and comments.

The whole dialogue between him and the mother penguin is priceless! His penguin sound effects.. :D

I felt bad for the baby penguin though! LOL Poor thing! Its mommy shouldn't have mouthed off to Mario. ;)

Great job!

Quite funny

This was one funny Mario parody you made here,the animation was great and the voice acting was solid also the best part was the script i especially got a good laugh at the end so overall you did a swell job on this flash.

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Apr 13, 2010
4:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 2nd Place April 14, 2010