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Hidden Weapons

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Find the hidden objects! Good luck!


Another excellent game well done! Keep it up, Gamershood.

BTW, you guys the game is pretty easy... all you have to do is find the weapons that DO NOT blend in with the others.

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that was crapy and i agree with fucian

not much fun

for the find the needle in the haystack game this one for me was not much fun it was missing too many things. the guns at times were almost too hard to see. At times everything looks too much alike. How are you supposed to find a rifle in a rifle shop and I get the attention to detail but a regular person wont know the difference between a brown rifle and a brown rifle. then It just didnt seem fun IDK why but it just wasnt like fun. It was missing the fun element.

Detail and realism and GUNS!!!

But I would highly recommend some better reward at the end, at least a gif of the chickies shooting up something!

Not bad at all.

I must admit I am very impressed. Usually these "find the object" games arent challenging for me and I never usually have a tough time finding the objects at all, however, this game actually gave me a fair challenge and I appreciate the difficulty of it.

Okay well now that you know what I like I might as well tell you the only real thing that bothered me. The music, not the tune itself I think its a pleasant tune but I hate how abrupt the loop is. Perhaps if you closed that gap between the loop it would work better. Other than that, great job!

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2.84 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2010
3:25 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other