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Hey NG! This is my second flash submission, and my first game, which I never finished due to not knowing what the reaction would be like, anyways...

Reviews would be a very nice thing to do... so could you. I'd love to know how I could improve (Just like everyone else.)

I HOPE you enjoy my first game... Hope...

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Nice, but needs work!

Love the game... needs expansion, better graphics, easter eggs.
Major cons:
Command bar needs to be reselected after every command.
Submit has to be clicked, enter is broken.

It has the feel of those MUDs people used to play, ah, MUDs, the first MMORPGs.

Anyway, yeah, barring the above, this is a great concept game.


My turn to chime in. Much like other people I enjoy this type of game. And like the others I also found it to be flawed. here is my list of issues. Some may be repeats:

1. Commands - probably the biggest issue is the commands. even if a command is on you command list unless it is the 'right' command the game does nothing. If you insist on having a command list you should always be able to perform any action (physical limitations permitting). Also when you have a very limited command variation you should list the exact commands (even if you do have easter egg commands). The player can get stuck very easily if they have to search for the words you want.

2. Pressing enter does not input the command, this is annoying.

3. Every time you enter a command you have to re-select the text box. This gets annoying very quickly.

4. The music although good and appropriate does go away quickly never to return.

I think the game has a long way to go, and you really should listen to peoples reviews because it could be fun. For those who are curious the way to get to level three is:
Enter doorway (level 1)
Climb box, climb down, enter doorway (level 2)
Lift door, enter doorway (level 3)

I am lost at level 4.


I'm not sure what to think of the game, the idea is really interesting but its kind of difficult without a list of commands and such. Also, the enter key didn't work so I was forced to type then click type then click

good concept

The problem is that A) you instructed us to type and then press "enter" when we should press "submit". B) I tried to type in different commands and my guy just stood there. Didn't respond to "walk" or "jump" or "damn it, move you bastard".
Clean it up a bit and even perhaps give him some funny commands and you'll have a hit. I love "choose your own -adventure" style games and this could be a good one.


When i was doing it i had to press submit since enter didn't work. That's should be fixed pronto since text based games are not fun if you have to click to submit. I liked the music, but couldn't get it back on once it had been muted. Also, the tutorial could be a little more descriptive on what you need to do to get through it. But a good idea, so keep up the hard work. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

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2.74 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2010
4:00 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other