Vegetas Vengeance

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UPDATE: I am currently attempting to finish the second part of this. But also I plan to upgrade this one by the end of the week. But just so every knows I am trying to improve on all request. So enjoy this version and hopely the second part and the re-cut part on this one will be added.

Sorry if its abit messy but this is something i began last year i was working hard on and just got on and finished for a release. I did mess up badly on the blast i am aware also maybe the text move abit fast if any mistakes are noticed please freedom of expression is always in order. Ive been a DBZ fan for years now so i'm defiantly a die hard fan. So please enjoy and maybe some of you can give me better outlook on better kameha's and such. :) NOTE: Credits where given at the end of this flash so the only thing i should have any over is animating it myself, no sprites sounds or music belong to me thank you and hope you enjoy.


spelling was crap, animation was good

Yeah, I'm being a grammar nazi too... try putting the script through a word processor or getting someone else to proofread it before you submit it (or both!).

But the animation was pretty good though. I'm a bit of a die-hard fan too - next one a big fight between ssj King Vegeta and ssj2 Gohan? And I guess Piccolo would help cos he always helps Gohan out...

(and who started calling supersaiyans ssj? I'll have to look that one up...)

So many spelling errors!

Grammar Nazi Attack!
Dad! your okay! -->Dad! you're okay!
(your as in something that belongs to you, such as: your mum, your face etc. you're as in you are, such as: you're ugly, you're bad at spelling)
de ja vue -->deja vu
sence -->sense
whers -->where's
patients -->patience
trough -->through
explosian -->explosion
knotice -- >notice

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2010
3:51 AM EDT