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Use arrows left and right to move
up to rotate
down to fall

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use ur own ideas

it wasnt good it wasnt ur own idea u just coppied it from tetris

i like tetris...

...but why the pieces slow down when they are about to land, i think you should arrange that, its the major flaw in the game and thats the reason why i only play the game for 5minutes


I like the music and the general design of it, but they way the pieces slow down at the end of the drop gets annoying pretty fast.

it's just tetris...

Just change the title.that's all.i LOVE it because it's just regular tetris except u can have 3 little straight block thingies which is AWESOME.i think it's kinda retarded to slow it down right b4 it hits the ground but whatever.it doesn't matter.JUST CHANGE THE TITLE. :D

Pretty Good

This game's pretty good. As LegendaryQ stated before, it's a "good copy" of Tetris. It kept me hooked for about an hour, though that's probably because I'm a huge Tetris nerd and play it almost once a day. The colors are nice, but you might want to change the color of the "Blue L-Piece" or the "4-Block Line Piece", because those are both blue. Also, the pieces lock together a little too soon, so that doesn't allow you to "insert" any of the pieces if you have any empty spaces.

One thing I liked about this game is that there are new pieces in the Marathon mode. Not just the "3-Block Line Piece", but there's the "U-Piece" and the "Cross Piece". I only went up to level three or four, so I think there's more. And Defi mode was fun as well.

OVERALL: Fun game, nice music, nice colors, nice game modes. Again, my only problem is the piece locking. Good for those that love Tetris, and it's a nice game to show to people that are iffy about Tetris. It may be a copy, but it's a good copy.

SCORE: 8/10

Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2010
12:24 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling