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A stealth action game. SNEAK, SHOOT and TELEPORT to get past your enemies and on to the next level.

This game is HARD! Playing too aggressively will get you killed, you need to use cover, teleport, and know when to run away. If you're stuck, check out the game guide & videos to see some tricks that make it easier!

Game guide: http://www.crazymonkeygam es.com/guide/Creeping/
Video: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=ZoidCx9xi_Y

Controls (you can change them in the pause menu):
Move: WASD
Teleport: Move + SHIFT
Knife: F
Switch guns: E
Reload: R
Grenade: G
Pause: P
Aim & shoot with the mouse


it looked cool

its awesome in theory but the knife fails and the controls in general need a rework

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At first I was like FUCK YEAH but then after playing it I realized that the controls are bad, the knife is broken, and the 3d sucks.

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Great idea, Terrible Execution.

I love the idea of a flash stealth game, but this game is not what I wanted.
After a few horribly difficult levels, I simply gave up after dying 5+ times just trying to knife the same two guys. The knife system is absolutely horrendous, partially because of the terrible 3D system incorporated. often times when attempting to knife someone they would simply just see me before I even got close enough to stab them, even when approaching form behind, or I would accidentally run into them due to the shoddy 3D perspective and movement controls. It's nigh impossible to tell how tall things are from the angle, and I often ended up falling into pits or between buildings thinking they were level with each other, when they were apparently two levels. The Teleportation was also incredibly wonky. the only thing it seemed to accomplish was also leading me into many a pit or running into the enemies I was trying to stay behind. The shooting was completely flawed, often times I would be unable to shoot anyone due to, once again, the terrible attempt at 3D, even though they were completely able to kill me with only a few shots. The controls also added to the level of unplayability, in a game were you are required to be moving at all times, you cant's move your fingers away from the WASD in order to do other necessary tasks.

I could go on, but I find it hardly necessary.

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Great game! It's originality is superb, gameplay is great, everything is just fantastic. And to all those who are complaining about the controls, you fo know you can change them right?


in begin was hard, now im a f*ckin master on this

storyline - 10
weapon control - 10
physics - 10
survival - 8.5
you can choose if kill ornot, that is amazing
we need A LOT more of that.. maybe some upgrades, choose your aparence and useless shit like that!

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3.92 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2010
12:22 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional