Zombies in the Shadow

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Daily N. 2. Thanks to all of you!!!
To support us: remember to recommend this game for the "zombie" collection and for the "shooter games" collection!
After so much enthusiasm and hard work... here is our newest title!
We really consider this game as our masterpiece.
A zombie action top-down shooter flashgame with dynamic lights and shadows!
Zombies are coming from every dark corner, crawling toward you and looking for your flesh!
Protect yourself behind makeshift barricades. Aim, shoot, reload.... survive!

1) Yes we know...the game takes long to load...but believe us: if you like zombies, action, shooters, guns,....you've to play it!
2) The game has very intense graphics. Before you play we measure and suggest a specific quality level for your computer. Should you force it to a higher level..do not complain then about lag :D

- Protect your lights and try your best to stay far from darkness.
Zombies hate light and are stronger, faster and tougher in the dark.
- Use SPACEBAR and the game will pause opening your inventory where you may easily select any weapon and/or device with a simple mouse click.

Last note: We preferred not to do the gun auto-reload in order to make the game experience more thrilling when you run out of ammo and you need to do a different urgent action like reload (press "R" keyboard).
Press "C" keyboard in game to pause the game and open the controls page.

You may download this game for your website from:
http://www.yoarcade.net/g amesforyourwebsite.php
(without spaces)



I for one found this game to be a pretty good example of the genre. Although I really liked the idea of having having light be this important, having to be tied down in one place to defend it is very annoying. The most fun parts of the game was actually the transitional stages between defense levels. Perhaps a zombie version of a game similar to DarkHive (i.e. a guy wakes up in a military base with no lights on that's infested by zombies, guy then has to turn on the lights section by section and secure the base) you could keep several of the defense aspects while not having to be tied down defending one weak light that's easier to let die than to defend. All in all a very solid game with some confusing controls and hard to see enemies, but smooth graphics and gameplay.

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Xplored responds:



Awesome gams perhaps u could do more of exploring missons
the defend stuff is cool but the missions are way more fun

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Xplored responds:

good to know. Thanks

ummm...what can i push next?

lemme put it this way...there are way to many fuckin buttons. everything else was nice. i like the whole concept and gameplay was smooth...but goddamn not only are my hands all over the keyboard i died 2 times just trying to reload my weapon at first. i know u can make a game with alot easier controls and it would be perfect

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Xplored responds:

Good point. We'll do our best to reduce buttons next time.


not doing it for me, since i played loads like these,but STILL an awesome game if this would be my first stand-behind-a-wall-and-shoot.
It's dark, such as a zombie game shud be though not my style, and the intro music was... okay, maybe good. anyways, its a good game overall!

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Not doing it for me...

I don't know what to say.... I like zombie games... but I just couldn't get into this at all. At all.

Too generic... the stand behind a wall and shoot zombies thing is just BEAT TO DEATH. I wish people would just stop it already...

Constructively speaking: in the future, try making a game that isn't more or less identical to 1000 games out already, the vast majority of which are already available on this site. Assisted aiming, maybe?

I'm writing a blog about this... check it out if you want to hear how I REALLY feel :P

(not about this game, but the general lack-luster approach everyone is taking towards developing games for this genre)

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Xplored responds:

Probably you've not produced a game by your self. There are in fact many many reasons why zombies game on flash are top-down or side camera.
You are right in saying the zombie theme has yet a lot of potential for innovative and great new games. On this I agree with you.
Your words will not help developers today and neither tomorrow.
Just support developers who try today to do something new on this field, even maybe step by step, and then we developers will have tomorrow the chance to project and produce better and better games, with new ideas also.

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4.00 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2010
10:49 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional