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Class 3 Outbreak

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Author Comments

Class 3 Outbreak is an RTS zombie game running on Google Maps(R). Struggle to keep the zombie infection at bay with a hopelessly outnumbered police force, squash any outbreaks that appear and keep the zombie threat level at Class 1 for as long as possible. Protect thousands of civilians over a 1km square area in Washington DC, USA or Leicester, England. Keep an eye out for infected civilians, and make sure none find their way outside of your police unit's reach.

Screen Movement: WASD or Click/Drag.
Police Movement: Single click = move and stop to attack zombies. Double click = run and don't stop for zombies no matter what.
Attacking: Move within range of zombies or click on them.



It does work in Firefox, just played.
And it was a great game, just needed some upgrades and what not, but there's always sequels!
It was nicely done, when the nuke was incoming I freaked since it made you speed up, a nice change of pace. Good job dude, fun game. :D

*** Only Works in IE ***

This game will work in IE but not in Firefox.

Overall I liked it. Nice pace and good atmosphere. Wish it had some more too it, like upgrades. It was also hard to tell what could and could not be moved through.


Enough said.

Great potential but lacking in variety.

I gave this game a 4/5 and 7/10. This does not mean I think it's bad, far from it. At first glance, it must have taken a great deal of effort to painfully create all the obstacles for the zombies and civilians, the bushes that obscured the view and so on. Great kudos on that, I'm not sure I'd have the patience for something like that.

The concept, while very cliche and old, is interesting because you've used google maps for this. I wasn't sure how you'd pull it off, but it actually works surprisingly well and adds a nice feeling of realism because of how the city looks like. I also really like the little details you've put in like srpay paints on rooftops, cars blocking roads and so on, although I have to admit, it's sometimes difficult to know what will block the police's view and what won't, making point to point movements a matter of not knowing where your units will walk through to get to. But fortunately, the pathfinding never failed, so kudos on that as well.

Perhaps my biggest two problems were that you couldn't select units with the buttons 1, 2 and 3, which might seem like a minor thing, but it would also feel far more natural and easy. Also, clicking on a unit badge should select the squad. I found myself clicking on a badge and issuing orders, forgetting that I should've selected them first.

As for the other major complaint, there isn't enough variety in the game. I liked the rescue mission when it popped up, but the time limit on the second one was too short and it felt like you've cut the game short, whereas it had much more potential.

What I'd really like to see is the game playing out much more slowly. I don't mean having the units move more slowly, but the outbreak not being something trivial at one moment and suddenly having the whole map full of red dots, just to artificially move the difficulty up.

Also - it'd be great to have upgrades avaliable for your units. I agree that getting new weapons and buying upgrades might seem foolish and stupid in a time of crisis like this, but perhaps you could merge it into finding (illegal) weapons in homes and the like. Perhaps have some cars driving about or having drivable cars. But I'm going off on a tangent here, now.

Otherwise, the game was technically excellent. I really hope you'll build on this!

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BinarySpace responds:

Thanks MetalCanyon for your thoughtful review and suggestions. We really appreciate your time and will be working to improve and build on the game in the future. Thanks for the high scores everyone.

Clicking doesn't work

I'm not sure if it's just me, but the police never move, as single or double click never works. Police just stand there, and never move. Even on your other website this problem stays the same.

BinarySpace responds:

Hi Boonjagga,

Can you please tell me what browser you are using, and what version of Flash you have?

You can see your Flash version at http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15507 .html


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Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2010
9:22 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)