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ZOmbie Wars-Trailer

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Ive been working on this for a couple months now, trying to find the right audio and everything. I dusted it off, enhanced the animation, and I think its ready. Depending on the score of this ill decide if it would really be worthwhile making a real movie or not. The site at the end will be released soon. Please comment and enjoy! Thanks!


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It was pretty good...

It was far better than I could do anyway, just a few things you could tidy up in it for the real one. All the zombies looked pretty menacing, although (I think the third zombie?) Only had one leg and it was unlikely he'd do anything except for fall over.
Avoid doing things like that, zombies lacking arms and with assorted sharp objects stuck in them add to their "Character" but you can't over do it.


cant wait

Keep working on it

This didn't really interest me too much, which is bad because that's the point of a trailer. What it did like is the fast paced action feel it had. Try adding better music, backgrounds, and some evidence of a plot. Add these and I'm sure you'll get a better outcome. Also, perhaps make it a little more dark, to get the feel of a zombie movie.

Great work!

I know it's just a trailer, but it could've been a little longer and said a bit more about the story, and backgrounds would be nice. That being said, the animation was nice, and the way you incorporated text and blurs were good.


first of all, for a trailer, have some msuic in the back, like an erie typr of thing, and second of all, this reall bugged me, you didnt have a background!, if you want it to be successful, you MUST put a background in, otherwise its almost an empty animation, and also the gunshot at the end, get a sound effect for that... a gun blast is probably the most common sound affect you can get on the net.

i dont want you to be dicouraged from making the actual movie, because you have got potential, the art just needs to be touched up a little, maybe you could buy a graphics tablet? only if you want to make more animations, but you can get them for £20 on amazin, i dont know how much that is in dollars, if you are american, but its a really good thing to have if your serious about this.

TopHatStudios responds:

Uh.. I have a tablet........and turn up the volume there is music and sound effects.....

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3.12 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2010
3:48 PM EDT