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Author Comments

B-B-B-Ballzz is a quick little time-killer game which really requires a stable and fast mouse hand...plus some serious patience! Avoid touching the red balls and collect all the green ones for higher score. Simple! But beware of the Sneak and Rush modes!

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all i can say is FUN AS HELL and addictive :D

mjkgames responds:

Nice to hear you enjoyed it. :)

i like it

B-B-B-Ballzz is a simple game but progressively gets harder. not much to say about it its just simple but different for the whole collect and don't get hit genre

mjkgames responds:

Thanks :)

Pretty Fun

Pretty fun game. Cool concept, just some bugs need to be worked out. And having to go through an ad everytime you retry is annoying.

(I got 13th place though on the high scores)

mjkgames responds:

Yeah, sorry about the ads... :P

No Instructions

I tried playing this game, but it comes with no instructions. There is one glitch where I would die magically and not touch the red ball. Plus, it needs some cleaning up.

mjkgames responds:

I left out the instructions because I thought it's rather intuitive; the player would learn really quickly that touching a red ball results in game over whereas touching a green ball plays a nice "bling" sound and let's you continue.

The "bug" which you are referring to might be just that you went outside of the play area, which always means game over.

Anyway, thanks for the review.

This is a "Ok" game

It is a bit annoying, not addicting but still fun good job

mjkgames responds:

Thanks! Hopefully you didn't get too annoyed :P

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2010
3:19 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid