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MetalgearMarioZelda Xplod

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Up there with "Uncle Roy's Lap-tastic Ride to the Land of 'Our Little Secret'"

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Funny and Interesting ;-)

I liked the clip, found it funny and interesting but was abit too short had it been longer i think it really would've been a great clip!

looking forward to a follow-up
good stuff mate


Well done sir. Well done.

But I must question your use of a misleading title. Do you think it necessary? I'm quite sure, and many would agree with me on this point, that titling this piece as "Grandfather Blob's story time # x" would more than suffice. There would undoubtedly be a fan base eager as all get-out to hear the next installment.

Unless the misleading title is this hopefully soon to be a series' gimmick, then by all means you have fooled me you clever beast! Godspeed master storyteller!


unexpected and funny. the art was alright too

Nice Try?

This was kinda funny but, the title was misleading. If you want people to watch your videos make your own title, dont put something to gain more views.
*Try A New Title*



Misleading title. I was hoping it would be some amazing video about some of my favorite video games but it was still ok. I thought it was really funny and it's something I was definitely not expecting when I went to watch it. I would of liked it better if it was longer though. You have a great idea for a series here that I would like you to follow up with.