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Net Safety PSA- Viruses

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No trolls please! This isn't a great work of art worthy of reveling! I made this at age 16 in collaboration with my friend, Thor for my Web Design class at school. We were told to make an Internet Safety PSA, so we brainstormed and came up with this idea about showing what might happen inside a computer if the anti-virus software was actually protecting the computer. You'll notice the viruses look like actual human viruses :). At the end it informs you how you can protect your Windows computer. I thought it would be funny to include the Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give You Up" in the animation and it may be rather misleading that the popup appeared on the MSN home page. I made the music myself in Fruity Loops Studio and am not completely proud of it... I'm a programmer, not an animator or a composer. I took music theory last year to compensate for that. If you don't like it, suck it up. This animation is my first and will be in the Film Festival at my school. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you are running a computer with one processor and have less than 128Mb video memory, you will experience slow performance and the music in the background will be out of sync with the video. You may want to turn quality on low or medium.

P.S. To be sincere, I'm a Linux person. :) But! Flash isn't on Linux. I could get Flash 8 to run on WINE, but it's old now. No viruses in Linux! This was made since 90% of the world is ignorant of computers.


LiNUX - The best Antivirus software ever made

Yeah, antivirus is needed, but only if you are using OS which is actually virus itself. I have Linux and don't worry about viruses, because there are none WORKING viruses for linux (and for those which exist - you have apply special patches to the linux kernel. You can also make discformat manually - same result and effort). All my games work fine on Linux. Trackmania (through Wine), SPORE, The Sims 3, even Crysis (not for me, because I prefer games other than FPP but my friend managed it to run). So there are also no problems with games as some stupid persons think.

So yeah, I agree with author's P.S. but feel a need to elaborate why it is better. More on http://whylinuxisbetter.net

Oh look, a piece of shit

How horrifically dated is this gay protect your computer psa flash? Not only are you using unbelievably old references, but your promoting Firefox, an already questionable web browser based on reliability and functionality issues, and your advertising Norton! One of the worst free anti viruses, based on the fact that it does NOTHING. Although your intentions were probably in the right place when you made this, at least know your shit before you put this garbage up.

Regardless that this is a school project, uploading this garbage up here is promoting ignorance on this site. I will give you one star, only because you probably got a good grade at whatever gay web design course your taking, seeing as how they don't judge you on artistic ability.

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Well said Public service announcement

Firefox and AVG do help alot more than one would think, nice idea!

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Firefox does protect!

You got that right Firefox is the safest way to browse.

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yeah dont really care what age you are...why do kids always tell their age...as if it would make the flash better...

BUTT...enough blabbing...pretty good...pretty short...could be drawn better but keep on flashing :D

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blobs333 responds:

Thank you. I saw some of the things you've done and they're great! I have yet to know what skills I will acquire later in life. As for the length, I was only allowed a minute for the PSA so it couldn't have been longer. PSAs are usually short. PM me. I'd like to hear some advice.

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Apr 9, 2010
5:36 PM EDT