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Mentos - The Freshmaker

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Remember that one Mentos commercial?

Well, this one is better.

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Just awesome!

Animation was awesome song went perfectly with it I loved it!


Sry for you but there are so many other movies much better than this one!!

Perhaps you can give your movies a more ironic or sarkastic tone!

tylerburrito responds:

what kind of shitty review is this?

i love mentos!

oh and to the guy below me XwaynecoltX how can u make the ending longer if the song isn't longer lol!


hehe ok i had a good laugh out of this, i have not seen one of these parodies in awhile so thanks for presenting a very fresh flash here, now nice work on the art and character design as you did have some fresh and smooth looking animation and art. Now as i watch this its cute and amusing, but i think it needs subtitles, not that the sound is bad or anything just that it would be a nice gesture for the viewers, haha well this really had a cute and funny moments especially when the fresh maker mentos were dancing then it just sorta ended there, i think that ending scenes should have gone on somewhat longer, but other then that its a pretty funny toon

add some subtitles to start off, and also have the ending go on abit longer

funny fresh maker parody


pretty good

it was good and all but the whole time it was playing i kept on w8'n for like something funny to happen lol but other than that pretty good, He did remind me kinda off mario just with a Afro