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Enter the number in the text box and press guess .


Game sucks, but...

Game sucks, but I like the music lol and your mark is based on just the music.

Even though this is a pathetic way to make some revenue, the music fitted the "Game" if you will, well that's what I thought.

Next time a small banner at the bottom would of been fine not everyone needs a magnifying glass to read them.

I love the AD

I wish all games would have a big ad in the middle of the screen. The fact that I got to level 2 and it was the same number guessing was even better. Put more time into your work!!!

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Not good at all. First the game:

There is a maximum number of guesses it takes to logically resolve a number, and as you up the number this goes up. 5 is too few even for 100. 'But wait' you say 'wait, the game is based on luck'. And that is fine, because it is even if you go about it in a different way. I don't like that the game didn't progress just because i couldnt guess a number in 5 guesses. Or that all I got in the next level was more of the same. A better way to do the game would be to score on the number of guesses with the logical max for that number being par, more or less throwing you off of par. As it stands the game really just wasn't fun at all. Not even as a time waster. In-fact I have already had more fun writing this review then I did playing the game.

Second, and what cost you any point(s) for effort or creativity or whatever that I may have otherwise been nice enough to give. A giant ad that is up the whole time in a sparcely populated flash with a little bit of text on the side. Is this a joke? Perhaps a satire on how big of douchebags people can be with ads in games? I am guessing not. I am guessing it is more along the lines of you making a sad excuse of a game which is really a sorry excuse for you to put up an ad in hopes that someone might be brain dead enough to click it. Because that is really all this game is, an advert. And you know what, I have seen adverts that were much better games.

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1.35 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2010
9:28 AM EDT
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