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You are stuck in a labyrinth with an insane A.I simulated program after your blood. The anomaly; you are invincible... So the suit suggests...

Find your way out and update attributes to escape in this invincible paradox!

-WASD or Directional keys




The controls are bit jumpy, but it a good game...also medals would be cool


Good game and all, really liked it, but there were some glitches with the game. Like when you get crushed neer the beginning of the level, if you move to the far right, you will stand up and you wont be able to crawl again so you'll have to start over.

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Good concept!

Few things that lost that 10th point:
1) Glitches everywhere, after level 4 I got stuck where I was supposed to be squished: I went to the gate behind me and was able to stand up. Couldn't get to where I needed to go. So I restarted it
2) The boss monster thing you have to groundpound and such was really hard to get him in the right places.
If that monster thing was the last boss, then it was relatively short, oh and I didn't find all the codes. Which leads me to assume that it's not the last boss.
Either way, fix the bugs and you should be good to go as it is. Maybe make that boss easier.

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Ok game

It is a fun game but i had a little bit of a hard time moving around in this game. Also it seems you are unable to die until later on in the game witch is a good thing but makes you think that nothing can kill you and players will get bored of the game because of that.

The graphics where good for this game. There are power ups but they are needed to move the story on. The jokes are not funny at all (to me any ways). There is voice acting but needs a little work. So i think this game will get 3/5 from me.

Good job

I had a lot of fun playing this game. The controls were very simple and that really helps since i'm using a laptop right now. The music is also great for this game, fits perfectly. The only thing I think that would be better is if you made the screen bigger.

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2010
1:19 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other