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You are stuck in a labyrinth with an insane A.I simulated program after your blood. The anomaly; you are invincible... So the suit suggests...

Find your way out and update attributes to escape in this invincible paradox!

-WASD or Directional keys



I love it

it's like the best game evar!!

Multiple issues, seemingly unplayable

The concept seems interesting, and I liked where it was going, but I wasn't able to continue in the game because once the health bar was introduced, everything became bogged down in unplayable lagging, even on the lowest graphic setting. I couldn't see where I was going, and it made platform jumping and avoiding enemies impossible.

There are no checkpoints or save points, so I tried over and over, going through the same four levels I had gone through before, just to find that I kept getting stuck with the lagging health bar.

I like that for the most part you've kept native accents for the characters, but I found the acting to be not quite good enough, with little apparent empathy for what the characters would be feeling. e.g. The main character was laughing as he was talking to the guy who came back from the dead, as if his incineration was funny, or that his apparent resurrection was funny. It was pretty jarring. If you want humour in the situation, I think deadpan black humour is more appropriate.

The crusher area produces so much lag I was unable to properly see the crushing, and crawling back towards the lift got me stuck.

Don't give up, I'd like to see this game again some day with all the improvements it needs. I think it would be worth working on it more.

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Buggy and hard to control, lack of saves

While I like the concept and the graphics, it's pretty much ruined by its many flaws:
- the lack of saves
- the bugs: if you are unarmed and an enemy gets very close to you, it renders you immobile; in the crusher if you go backwards you stand up and get stuck; by the large toothed boss sometimes when you try to switch to invisibility or back you start to flicker and get immobile, giving a free hit to the boss. (There might be more, I couldn't play it 'till the end.) And when you get stuck you have to start over becouse (as I mentioned) there are no checkpoints or any other means of saveing your progress!
- bad controllability: I thought it's allright until I met that "basket-mouth" boss, but there I realized its flaws: from standing you jump very low, so jumping up on those ledges are quite a pain; it's also very slow, so avoiding the monster is even harder. When I tried to move down as a fallback many time I stepped on a higher platform instead of falling down - wich gave another perfect opportunity to the monster. Also when doing that ground pound or whatnot, sometimes you fall trough the platform, sometimes you stay on it. And when you make a running jump you are unable to ground pound.
By the way I couldn't figure out how to beat that boss. I think I need to hit it somehow with the ground ound but when I tried it didn't seem to have any effect effect.

This game looks like as it hadn't been beta tested. I think you'd better get some beta testers next time.

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Is it just me, or did anyone else notice this is exactly like Portal, only without portals?

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ok but

Some of the mechanics I felt were a little broken, for instance Im now standing up in the test area where you a 'crushed' If some of these problems were fixed it would be a better game

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2010
1:19 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other