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Author Comments

You are stuck in a labyrinth with an insane A.I simulated program after your blood. The anomaly; you are invincible... So the suit suggests...

Find your way out and update attributes to escape in this invincible paradox!

-WASD or Directional keys




excelent game, makes you think, great story line and takes some getting used to but over all great,
all of you complaining about the lag, lower the quality, its on the right corner, also play it in a diferent window or use the dim option, and yes it is hard but thats rthe point of it just think and follow the instructions and what you learned from the previous tests

Incedibly laggy./......

Probably going to get a bad rap for writing this, but this game is incredibly laggy.Before you continue reading this, mind the fact that I quit after trying to climb those damn boxes. It took me like 10 minutes to get through everything after getting the suit, becasue there was an incredible lag.

The boxes annoyed the hell out of me. You couldn't levitate while on them because I kept slipping off for some reason, which might be there on purpose. But sometimes the blocks slid into the wall just a little bit and couldn't be moved. Oh, and when I finally got through the boxes,

I had to meet that guy with a stick again when I fell into the spike trap, where I previously ditched him to get away.....so that he wouldn't hit me. I don't even know wtf he is or what is even the point of him, he's invincible like you, you can't attack at this point, you can't levitiate him, and he ....probably isn't supposed to stop you from continuing your adventure......but stopped me becasue I was stuck in the spike trap with him. The game was already laggy when it was just my character alone, but this guy slowed me the fuck down, where it got to the point where I was at one side to the next side with no animations between, and he's still in the hitting position.

It doesn't matter that your invincible and your suit is heat and cold proof and weighs 12 tons, this guy with a stick makes you flinch, and you can't jump out. I tried vainly for about 25 minutes, where I even just pressed the up button to see if I'd jump.....which I did not......then I remembered that I had something better to do that watch a computer screen jamming a button over and over again.

AND, the controls sucked ass. You barely jump even though your a super robot, which I assume gets better with a powerup or something. But the running, WHY THE FUCKING RUNNING!!!! In games where platforms are as short as these, a supersonic speed as a default is not enjoyable..,to appear going at a reasonable speed you have to hit the buttong in short repetitive rate, where it just gets annoying.
That was another factor to those boxes....to climb them was a pain becasue I'd knock down a tower due to lag and the supersonic speed jolting you to the otherside of the screen.

On the plus side, graphics are really good, but I think that's the main problem wiht the lag.

Good artist, and you have other good animtions......just bad at lag in this game.

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Good concept

But, it's mostly unplayable, the controls are bad, everytime you get hit you react, and get hit aging, and again, and again.

Make the game playable please.

I played until test 2 then the boxes were so hard to control. then in the end, all boxes were all on the upper platform and i'm left with nothing, thus stuck. So, can you next time please like add a box spawn or sth? >:( I haven't played the game so i'm giving a 10 to not lower the vote.


The music ain't good, the controls stick like glue, most of the enemies are cyptic at best and not fair making them overly unbeatable and impassable, and the reaction detection stinks. Most enemies have to hit where I was and still hit me, and they react to attack then I can ever do. The concpt was good and I liked the diffcultly you were going for, but that game needs serious fixing. It;s a real mess especially the speed factor.

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Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2010
1:19 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other