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Sellout - LordOfTheRings

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Author Comments

"Lord of the Rings... Fixed... You're welcome."

-Roger Michaels


Not to be mean but...

I liked some of the jokes because they were some of the things you should think about like the "Lord" of the rings. However I found some of the other jokes and overall set up to be lacking. Like the characters seemed to be half assed when they were talking about it. Overall good flash just needs work on the characters and jokes.

sirjeffofshort responds:

That's not too mean. Haha. Those are actually totally fair oppinions, and of course with comedy its hard to hit everyones funnybone all the time and there is always room for improvement.


Sad part is... the comments at the end are pretty much what your average movie crowd thinks like... and you wonder why they don't make complex "make you think" type movies anymore. Bring back the 90's I say, movies back then had thought put into them.

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I liked it

It's clear you put a lot of effort into the animation and the character voices. And the whole thing seemed vaguely reminiscent of that old cartoon show, "Home Movies" for some reason. It was almost like all the characters from that show had grown up. Good work!

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sirjeffofshort responds:

I don't kinow what it is but we get the home movies thing all the time. Great show though so I take no offense to it.


Why does one of the ppl look suspiciously like Sarah Palin?

sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha she was actually somewhat designed after tina fey... so you're close. Really good notice though haha.

Great pacing!

At first, I thought the cartoon would be boring and cliche. However, the talk about pacing was kinda funny, as was the joke about "simplifying" the names. The joke about the love story at the end was really funny, although I can't say why without spoiling the end.
There are probably a bunch of other jokes you could exploit from supposedly rewriting Lord Of The Rings.

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sirjeffofshort responds:

Yeah. There really is so much to work with there, I think we are going to try a few different movies first before returning to LOTR.

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Credits & Info

3.99 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2010
10:55 AM EDT
Comedy - Original