Pirate jokes

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Hey NG, how ya doing? This is my very first flash movie and flash submission to newgrounds. I posted it to see what the reaction would be like...

So, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my first ever flash!

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its me

hey John you know i loved it obviously and your my best friend so you know

johnyboy33 responds:

well... pretty much everyone below would disagree with you there, in fact I agree with them.


I'm not going to rate this because you used my stuff...well, okay I am.

The sound quality is pretty bad compared to the actual loop on my page (my only complaint about you using my stuff)

Animation is great if it's your first time, but i would suggest a bit of movement on the character more, and to actually make him look more "pirate-y"

Nice job on the lip sync though, as I've heard that's pretty hard to do.

Oh, and thank you for not using stick people.

johnyboy33 responds:

Thanks for the review! The main reason (at first) that I made this is because I was practising lip synching, because it was hard.

Many pepole said that I needed to put more movement in to make it more life-like, and I think thats the thing I will be focusing on in my next submission.

...And sorry I used your stuff without asking... :P

very good atempt

i see that is your very first flast animation, so i'll be nice on you.

right i think that the voices are exelent but they dont suit the character that much, (not the lip sinc part, that was ok just a bit rushed, the actual graphics of the character), also you could put more animation in it next time.

but i do encourage you to do more, just spend more time on it dont rush , remember that for next time.


4/5 for jokes, they were actual pretty good

2/5 for animation, it kinda sucked

Well that was good for your first

Though it was a bit long for just pirate jokes and eventually you should change the way you're going to have your characters look, make them more realistic you know. Unless you truly want them like that.

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Apr 8, 2010
9:02 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody