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Rainbow Stars

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Author Comments

This game is obviously deeply inspired by Boomshine. I wanted to create the most beautiful rendition of this game and add some small gameplay features such as scores and lives. I really hope you think I've done a good job.

Official Description
A beautiful, score based chain reaction game where popping the stars leads to a fantastic eruption of color and sound.

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It's more challenging than Boomshine.

But for being a more challenging game, Rainbow Stars is heavily generous on the points. By the time I hit level 8, I had a score over 3 million. The points system should be more balanced.

A chance to earn some extra lives would be nice as well. Finally a free play mode wouldn't hurt either (you'd play as long as you like with infinite lives, but no score is kept).

glowingeyegames responds:

Got to admit, I am generous with the scoring, but there are only 10 levels, so if you can get 5 million you are doing well.

A free play mode is great idea though, maybe in another version.


I found it very relaxing and funny! However It's repetitive after a while...

Label level...

A game like and sounds great!
Make a label level more beautiful without the use of gradient)