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Robot Adventure...

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The mission of the robot in this game is to search and find out his master who was kidnapped by somebody.
Move the robot, and click the objects on the screen to play the game.
Use W/A/S/D keys or arrow keys to move the robot.
You must play from scene 1 onwards.
To start the game-play in every scene you have to click the objects on the
screen. You can click the clue button to get the clue. However, if you play without getting the clue you score 10 points in every case.



it was ok...it could use some imporovments, making everything a button and only making the right answers do anything, and just making it a storyline instead of making that walking part...but i gave it a passing grade ;)

Movement is....

kinda strange the robot jerks around when moving, it moves so slow. After I finally found 1 I beat it and then it took me all the way to the center of the map, then I was supposed to walk all the way back to 2. That is not so good. Also the map is all green with some grid lines, You should add something to make it nicer looking. This game needs a lot of work IMO... Sorry for a 2 but it needs work

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the gamplay (from what i played) was ok however the way the level sysetem is setup (having to walk to each level) SUCKED ASS. the way you set that up killed the game for me it was just to annoying to put up with.


you need to make the robot move a LOT faster, and is it diffucult to allow diagonal movement? I think this has great potential, it just needs some moderate tweaks

point and click

This game would have been better if you made it simply a point and click, instead of forcing the robot to restart at the center and move to the number square.

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2.24 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2010
10:11 PM EDT
Adventure - Other