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Jossos Stickman

rated 3.35 / 5 stars
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Apr 7, 2010 | 9:51 PM EDT

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Author Comments

My first submission. Practicing Animating with Stick people. Took about 2 weeks.

Music By Matthew Vealey.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Short, but nice

A very short and quite random flash.

The animations look quite good here, and the hat is drawn in a very nice way.

For a flash you did just for practicing reasons it turned out very well. Of course the story doesn't make too much sense, but we can see that you have talent animating the stick figures.

But as the genre "stick figures" already is overloaded with many submissions and it's hard to come up with something that really stands out, I suggest you try to develope you drawing and animation skills further to come up with submissions that aren't stick animations.

{ Review Request Club }

jossospro responds:

worry not. Im no fan of stick figures either. this was just the practice of animating some characters. My other animations are too short to submit, and take too long to finish.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Keep improving

-It's simple and what you might expect from someone's first animation submitted to newgrounds.

-The loader is made by yourself and it's great to know that you know some actionscript coding. Most people can't even be bothered to slap on a newgrounds loader but you made your own and put one on. That shows that you actually put effort into this before the animation even starts.

-I don't really see a point to the flash other than testing things out and having a little lesson involved for the original character. In future submissions try weaving a story line into the animation to make it more interesting.

-Even if you keep it to just stick figures for a while try adding facial features at least so you can do some dialouge and add that new element to your animations. This will broaden what you can do astronomically.

-Something that I really felt was missing though was a replay button. I know I can just refresh the page but it's a simple thing to add at the last slide to make everyone's lives a little easier and it makes it look a little better.

-Review Request Club


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Interesting test

I can see that there is improvement as the piece has gone one with the way tha the second stick man has a form to the face and looks more mannequin like, so brings a greater form forth to the piece.

I like the way that you had the interaction take place, allowing for the form of the piece to gather pace and the hat was a nice touch. Obviously the next thing is to add some flesh and blood to the piece all told, with additional layers of clothing and detail on the protagonists and some colour to really give the animation some award winning quality. Judging by your writing skill, I'd say that you don't need to work too hard on making some good plot to go with this.

Good luck!

[Review Request Club]


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The movie was very simple and dinamic, it was short, but very well animated, it seems that the characters were humans, you made a great job in the animation, too bad the flash didn't have a story or a concept, it's just 2 sticks interacting with a hat, it was very simple, but you made a nice job with this simple flash...

I like stick movies, since they are very nice and they can be easily drawn, also, they are extremely easy to animate wih more reality, what is very cool... The music created a nice ambient, fitted very well with the animation, what made the flash even cooler.

I like to see things like this one, a lot of people make bad stick movies, sometimes, they are bad drawn, sometimes it's just spam, but you made a nice job, you really cared with the animation, you didn't throw up the animation in the ground, what is great. The bad things are:The flash is really short, you could use a story, and make more sequels... But I know you have potential, keep it up, man, I wanna review more flashes from you.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Cute and Simple

hmm well first off i would like to comment on the "PRE-LOADER" and page it was nice to see something differant other then just the "NG-LOADER" but i thought you might have been able to do something more with it, it was an all "WHITE" and very bland backround, normally when i make preloaders for a new flash or game i normally dress it up nice with all sorts of colors and designs and even logos and the title of the flash or game, well its just an idea that will show better "PRESENTATION" I thought even the "BUTTON" could have atleast been colored and highlighted when hoverd over these things can be changed with the action-script, but anyways as for the flash itself, The "ANIMATION" itself was pretty good i thought smooth, and you did bring some ok creativity into it like with the giant stick character, I really liked the idea of the hat as the "FOCUS between the two sticks so good effort on your part with the story part of it, however i think it could have even been better then that with more of a "CLIMAX" to the story, not saying you have to have blood and gore but something more then just them walking off would have been better, just an idea to think about, Now this had no color, thats another option you should think about, infact if you like the whole black and white style thats cool, but maybe you have just the "HAT" like a red or blue color then its more focus, and gives abit more to the story you are trying to tell, and lest but not least you should probably ad a "REPLAY BUTTON" i ended up right clicking the option but most probably dont know and wont have the chance to replay your animation so give the viewers an option of a click of the button to replay, anyways you have a good little animation here needs a few changes here and there, but i enjoyed it for its simplicity.

add a replay button at the end, ad some color and design to the play button and main start screen, maybe add some color throughout the flash, give the story some climax ending, explained in more detail above.

Overall a cute little stick flash i can see this in many episodes but does need a few fixes.