Endless Fight:Boss battle

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my style changed alot during the time of making this animation you could probably see that......... hope you like it



hell yeah that was good

Rather Bad

I'm sorry but i didn't enjoy this at all. If your speech is gonna be typed at least make the whole thing a silent movie, either have sound for everything or for none of it, looks bad when you mix it up. The fighting itself was cheesy and dissapointing, just let them get on with the fighting rather than the constant pauses. However, after all my problems with it there are some great features, the animation is top-class and not over-the-top. Don't stop animating because your really good!

shoota24 responds:

yay the distractions through out the animation were because my ideas kept changing

Could have been better

It needs different sound effects, and b.g. music.

Also, you should have a button for the dialogue, as some of it goes too fast.

And I rlly don't think this is much different then any other stick fight, it needs a plot, and a certain unique pizazz you didn't add...


You see one stick fighting flash you have seen the other million i agree with the peeps below

Preatty good, but...

That was not bad at all. The fighting was nice, althought it didn't feel smooth and natural. You also might consider using a wider variety of sound effects and music too. And regarding the dialogue, try to keep only the most necessary parts of it in, as well as checking for spelling and grammar mistakes. Finally, people (me) don't enjoy seeing this ;) in a movie. Otherwise, nice job, keep it up.

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2.71 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2010
4:54 PM EDT