Ghost Guidance

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You are the first self aware artificial intelligence. You must infect ships' guidance systems to escape.

infect any ship you come across to escape humanity and ensure your safety.

Use the arrow keys to fly.

Use the A key to fire available weapons.

Use the S key to self destruct your current ship.

This game focuses on keeping a sense of speed that is lost in a lot of horizontal shooters. It also features geometry based collision detection, hopefully reducing the amount of wrongful damage taken in these kinds of games due to more simple forms of collision detection.

Hope you enjoy!

(EDIT) Thanks for the front page! I am glad to see so many are enjoying the game. Also special thanks to those who have posted comments and suggestions. I will not be able to reply to them individually, but I do read them all and appreciate the feedback.


slightly conflicted

1) good concept, i'm glad to see a self aware ai that doesnt try to kill the human race for a change
2) the game was too easy, it was nice to be able to just run through somethin, but there really wasnt any challenge

i thought...

it was great. good game play, good concept.

Thats pretty much all that I look for in a game.

Good job.

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good but.

like SevenDubb said, it has a great concept but it lacked challenge
it was also too short and the ending seemed sort of rubbish, not how he survived, but the fact that you just get there and in short all it said was "oh i can survive here"
but to leave it on a bright note it was still a very fun game, very well made, overall well worth playing.

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wayyyyyy too easy

Step 1. Get the little ship
Step 2. Hold A
Step 3. Win Game.

I gave it 10 stars for concept... then subtracted 4 for the utter lack of difficulty/challenge/game.

Constructively speaking... there needs to be more than 3 hazards (red balls, other ships, and shittily guided missiles). Additionally... the bosses were hands down just not up to par with space shooter bosses. I was growing sleepy, usually sitting in the same spot just holding down A until it died. The last boss got my hopes up that I might get to see some Gradius-III bouncing laser action... but no. Just more, slow-ass red balls. I spent more mental energy imagining what the boss would look like in a 3d world than I did actually thinking about my survival/path... because I basically just sat still holding A the whole time.

The energy should deplete faster, making a slim chance that you actually die. I mean... if you ever played space shooters, the game is as good as done once you have the small ship. Easy to avoid stuff, high rate of STRAIGHT fire (diagonal shot and guided-by-retards missiles are lame)... you win.

Anyways... I'd love to see a sequel that has that all important aspect of a video game... CHALLENGE.

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this game might be good but....

I found a glitch where if you sit in the bottom right corner of the game with a medical ship then you can fly through the level without firing a single shot or evacuating your ship you NEVER DIE BECAUSE NO ONE SHOOTS YOU OR RUNS INTO YOU, INCLUDING THE BOSS. this glitch makes this game bullshit because i want a game where i cant go to a corner and avoid all fire and attack by chance, no upgrade system and controls were just to basic, It has a great concept and what seems to be a good story line but outside of this its such a boring game, you need to spruce it up a bit, create power ups for ships weapons and ghosts out of ship time or speed.i am NOT saying this is a bad game, its just lacking fulfillment. I'm don't mean to come off mean i want to give you constructive criticism. Hopefully you can work on this game some more and create a front page comeback? who knows?

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4.33 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2010
11:43 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight