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Adrellia Village #2

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Adrellia Village: Season 1, Episode 2:
Drake's Training (Part 1)
4/7/10 - Drake's Training (Part 1)

Trainer Angus, the castle's man at arms, trains Drake and teaches him about amulets.

To Be Continued...

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Longer episodes

So, this is the build up to the third episode, which I already reviewed. I have to agree with other reviewers, that the episodes are too short. This episode and the following one would've easily fit into one flash, for an episode of about 3 minutes length, which would be very decent.

Also, the joke where Drake gets lost in the castle and runs through a few doors on the left only to come back onto the screen from the right was a tad bit too short. Now, I appreciate that you didn't draw out this joke as long as the "Scooby Doo" series did, but just a few seconds longer would've been more funny, I think.

{ Review Request Club }

MistyE responds:

Interesting take on the joke when he gets lost. I'll keep that in mind next time. So that nobody thinks I'm not following their advice since this series is about two years old, I might re-release a version just like that.

Thank you for your review.

Too short

We're starting to get into the series, but progress is painfully slow, with some of the jokes viewed as unnecessary and just filler material. You would be better advised to put in bits and pieces from other episodes, condensing it to maybe a 2-3 minute piece that makes people want to see the next episode, rather than the current theory of "If I drip feed it enough, I can pull the series out to 100+ episodes without giving too much of the plot away." That's not to say that this is what you are doing, but your file size limit is enough to get three or four times as much plot in there as you currently have.

The voice acting sounds good in terms of quality, though most of your voices are the same voice, with either a higher or lower tone. None of them has a different accent and having everyone sound the same is a little poor. There are plenty of willing voice actors around the parish, if you try looking. The BBS has a thread dedicated to aspiring talent and you are able to cherry pick from there.

The drawing needs a little tidying up as well - bits and pieces like drawing a shield, for example. I would have made the points of the shield less so, perhaps even considering a flat top to the kite shield, for ease of drawing. Getting a tablet would be a good way to go forward, so stick one on your Xmas or birthday gift list, so someone can treat you. Some issues with the actual animation could be tidied up, like walk sequences and an improved sense of lip-sync, so you don't have to fall back on the slapstick jokes, which don't look so good when they are poorly animated. I'll bet that you've improved since this was submitted, though.

[Review Request Club]

No better than the first.

Like the first, this one was decent, but still not very entertaining and needs improvement as far as the animation goes.

It was drawn very simply, much like the first. There was no improvement with the animation either, and in fact, poor animation was more noticeable in this one, especially with walking. When characters walked, their legs didn't even move, which needs to be fixed. It would also be nice if there was some animation for the castle doors when a character goes through one rather than the character simply disappearing and then reappearing next to a different door. Additionally, I noticed one part when you used a low quality image of a fountain rather than drawing one yourself. Even if you have a hard time drawing it, a poorly drawn fountain (or even nothing at all) would work better than that image. Finally, the lip syncing is as bad as it was in the first episode and still needs improvement.

Also pretty much the same as it was in the first. I notice that the voices would often not stay at a constant volume, and this needs to be fixed. Otherwise, I didn't mind the voices and the music at the end was alright.

It was somewhat nice to see what happened after episode one and I'm a little interested as to what will happen in episode three, but I still wouldn't say it's very entertaining. It doesn't help that this one seems a bit shorter. It might help if you put a few of them into one episode rather than making so many short ones.

I actually liked the first one a little bit better than this one, primarily because of its length and more noticeably poor animation.

-Review Request Club-

Too short and basic.

Well, it sure does want you to see the other episodes of the entire series, but there could still use some improvement.

Art/Animation: 7/10

Unlike EP1, EP2 had smoother forms, which is good. However, the characters move without moving their legs. This is really unrealistic, so maybe you could try to let the legs move while they walk. Also, the characters move in a blurring style using fragments. This could use a slow-speed, smooth movement along with moving legs. The mouths have unjust movement, as it occured in the first episode. You should fix that, too.

Music/Voice: 8/10

Well, the voice quality could have been better, especially with the voice actor. You should get a group of voice actors instead of a single person. Otherwise it would cause some confusion. The voice actor's voice also kept tuning down at some points and tuned up at other points. This is a bad thing, and you should try to keep the voice in one, clean volume line. The music was okay, don't really need to change that.

Plot: 7/10

As I mentioned in the last episode, you should at least connect EP 1 and EP 2 into one single flash. Then it would be better for the viewers. Since each episode uses only around 1.5 MB, maybe you could have around 3~4 episodes in one flash. The plot on this episode was overall boring, but has potential to become better.

Overall, a 7/10 3/5. The animation movements and voice could use a lot of improvement, along with deciding whether to connect a few episodes into one or not.

~The Liberaten
~The Review Request Club
--spelling and grammar not revised.


But doing it cyandie and happiness style makes it any funnier.But other than that,I liked it.

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2010
9:26 AM EDT