Xrell the undercover cop

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Go watch the others in the seris they are better than this.



Sir, I am oh-fended! DBZ just happens to be one of my favorite shows!

Aside from that, the animation was pretty durn cool, eh? You get a 5.

Finish a story already

Well does not start off to bad but it just ends. If so so damn good why does he fall for a stupid trick? Keeping trying maybe take a writers class and get some help with your stories then you might have something!

Senile-Yoda responds:

I Dunno.. Maybe he got dropped on his head when he was a Child, how should I know! I only created him... And anyway, I pulled the character (Except the name, I've had that in storage for a while) and story out of my ass and made this in one day..

that sucked shit face

hey ass hole you cant expect me to take you bad review seriousley when you have shit like this clogging up the potal you austrailian donkeys butt.

Senile-Yoda responds:

If I knocked one of your flash you probably deserved it.. Espically since you dont have any at the moment which means the movie got blammed or my review is a figment of your imagination.. And anyways.. You know how long ago I made this?? Like 2-3 years ago. And in one day! So it's not that much of a surprise, and anyway, I don't take anything you say seriously because of the way you type.. Damn little bastard 13 year old, trying to attack me with racism and bad grammar. Oh, no! Watch out. Go watch Pokemon or DBZ you fucking kid..


You have really improved compared to your Metal Gear series. Graphics, voices, everything. Keep up the good work.


hmmm different

Didnt really like the ending to much- it just kinda froze. Thought the sound was to good. Also feel sorry for the guy with the mullet why did he deserve to die :-/ actually that was probably the best part!

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2.70 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2002
10:29 AM EDT
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