The History of the Tested

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This Trailer is about the past of "The Tested" who were a young group of teens that were told they could earn a little money if they just watched and studied the "Test Subjects", but they were the ones who ended up being tested on.
While some gained great power, others were not so fortunate.

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Its a start

Ok well this is a start in something good here, i like the two swords on your menu screen well its kind of a menu screen, it has the two swords then a super "TINY" play button? that was sorta odd, i would think you want the "PLAY" button to be much larger so that its easier for the viewers to access it easier, also the starting page is very bland besides the swords, you need some backround there besides the white rather bland white backround, This flash once got started, was really notbad the art was bright and notbad, it however was "LACKING" in animation you just showed shots here and there with a tad bit of animation, so thats something you should probably work with abit, also i noticed the entire flash is abit short you may want to add just abit more content, give more to the viewer to expect in a full version, anyways good luck in the future and hope my review gave you abit of insight on stuff.

The Small play button was kinda odd make it large so people dont have to go looking for it,you had some bland backrounds at the menu screen, again fill in that area with atleast a color tone or something, , lack of animation, was throughout the flash you showed more still shots then anything else, try working on more animation from characters and scenes

Looks to be a good series but as stated above there could be some improvments



it's alright... the animation is alright


the music drowns out the dialog in a few places, and the characters all have the same voice, were they supposed to all be the same person?

mightclark responds:

Heart and Atrius? They are Different characters, both with great differences in their roles in the story. Everything is voiced by me, so yeah.. I'll need to get some voice actors in my next animation.


The loading screen actually confused me for a second buuuuut the art was good. Problem with the sound, being that sometimes it was too quiet to hear, and sometimes the music drowned the voice out, but that can be fixed with a little practice with balance.

Your first picture of the face of the bald guy looked exactly like a guy in one of my Ultimate Iron Man comics. For that, I think I love you.

In all seriousness, this is okay, but a few changes would make it better. Like the actual motion of the characters, the sound and... I think thats it.

Good job.


Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2010
6:55 PM EDT