City Defence!

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You have been left behind to defend the city in the off chance of an attack. Defend the city at all costs and put the spoils of war to good use.

Shift -- Sound
Space -- Continue
Ctrl -- Menu
Arrow Key -- Move
Mouse -- Aim/Shoot/Detonate

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Not very good, probably just a lack of experience.

Don't bother comparing this to a decent flash game, anyone. There's no point.
Here are some things you should do:
1. Add a short tutorial (with a skip option) at the start, right after you click "play".
2. Try putting the cannon in the centre, it's annoying as hell to hit stuff on the right, it's REALLY slow.
3. Try making the cannon go faster at the start, it's annoying. Or you could make the explosion bigger, to compensate. But the whole "RPG" thing never works that great if it's annoying at the start.
4. Make it so the cannon doesn't fire when the upgrade menu is up.
5. Likewise, make the normal menu pause.
6. Add some interesting features, and generally clean up. The game should be interesting for the first 30 seconds, absolute minimum. Sometimes players will be willing to wade through the boring stuff if there's promise of something interesting, but they won't like it. And if there's no promise of something interesting later on (like in this case, it didn't seem to have any indication that it would get much more interesting), you can expect them to immediately scroll down, give it a 0/10 review, then close the tab and go play something else.

ok game

i get the idea and i like it but on wave 4 i got stuck no enemies are coming and the level doesnt end so im just standin there waiting but other then that its a good game you should put more upgrades tho.


This is an enoyable game except for the glitch or whatever it is that makes the game freeze during waves occasionaly. The character is still moveable and you can still shoot rockets but no planes show up and the game doesn't go to the upgrade screen. It froze at wave 5 for me. The 10 is because this game is a good concept and it is simple. And I like the explosions.

got stuck on wave # 2

its really simple. the animation isn't that great, the music is just a ten second loop that just repeats over and over again, and as stated it stopped on the second wave and there's NOTHING wrong with my internet or computer so sorry but you need to try again

Ok ok...

Pretty simple

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Apr 5, 2010
5:57 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler